About Us

The Concept

House of beauty is a Beauty Gym and beauty bar concept that is a combination of service and product offering using non-invasive technology to provide face-lifts to customers. The primary motto is “Work your face, for the Glow to show”

The service offering:- HOB uses adept trainers using energy kneading hand movements and cutting edge technology to tone and tighten the forgotten 40 muscles of the face.

The Product offering:- This is used along with customized serums and oils to provide a 100% non- invasive face lift for the patrons Our services and products are for both genders- men and women alike; from the age Groups- 18 to 80 years

At House of Beauty,we have an unwavering dedication to using highest quality ingredients to capture abundance of beauty and luxury in our elite skincare collection which is designed to enhance skin elasticity, tighten and tone the muscles of the face.

Our skincare range includes extraction of the purest essential oils
Teamed with face lift techniques of

  • Derma rollers
  • Jade rollers
  • Face cupping tools
  • Chinese Guashas
  • 24K Energy Bar

We also have a specialist beauty bar vibration device, which stimulates the blood flow in the face to enhance the production of collagen thus eliminating fine lines and naturally slowing the ageing process of the skin cells. HOB imparts knowledge of natural means of reversing the thinning & sagging of the face skin, pausing wrinkles & lines, and embracing ones beauty sans cosmetic modifications.

We aim to shatter the stereotype that organic products are not as effective as mainstream chemical products. A huge component of our brand’s appeal is channelizing pure ingredients with advanced technology to deliver the best product to each of our patrons.

The Skin Bar:-Our unique skincare line offers customized regimens for every skin type, We have pioneered the online and offline skin bar concept, where by our specialists understand each clients unique lifestyle, stress levels, environmental exposures and then mixes and creates a blend of oils and serums that assist in day and night care for home-care routine of individuals. We have a similar form available on our website www.houseofbeauty.in which assists in curating special serums for clients worldwide in accordance to their customized needs.

The Force Behind:- HOB is a brain child of Vibhuti and Sumit Arora who run a chain of Salons under the name Red Throne Salon in Delhi NCR and have hands-on experience in understanding the needs of the clients and skin issues related to different body-types. They are well traveled and well read thus hand-picking only the best ingredients from European and Asian markets to present to our Indian needs.

We Believe:-At House of Beauty, products can improve your skin! You are not stuck with the skin you were born with!