The ancient Chinese tool is used to scrape skin gently to promote blood circulation. It naturally drains the lymph nodes, thus reducing pufffy eyes and face. Gua Sha facial tools are known as the “natural face-lifters”. Jade carries a healing energy that brings harmony and balance and assists in blood stimulation and collagen boosting.

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Key Ingredients: Jade Stone

Usage:Face, Eyes and Neck

Key Features:

  • Sculpts Face and Cheeks
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Boosts Bloodflow
  • Boosts Collagen
  • Depuff the under eye
  • Reduces Pigmentation
  • No botox needed

Shade Name/Color:Green

Pack Size:200 gm

How to Use:

Before: Apply cream or gel mask on a clean, dry face.

  • Using your guasha board, start from the ‘third eye’ (the space between your brows). Scrape in one fluid motion towards the hairline. Repeat five times.
  • From the side of the nose, sweep the guasha board diagonally upwards towards the ear. Apply light pressure to the temple with the board. Repeat five times and switch sides.
  • From the middle of the chin, sweep the board towards the earlobe, following your jawline. Repeat five times and switch sides.

After: Massage your face with fingertips to let the mask soak in and rinse off.


  • All gua sha movements should be done in one single direction, never back and forth.
  • You’ll experience a dull ache on certain points for the first few times – these are lymphatic points. The more toxins you have accumulated in your system, the more painful it will be. Don’t worry, it will go away after a few times of gua sha!

Bonus tips: Chill the guasha after a heavy night out of partying and it will provide instant relief to your eyes.


Puffy Eyes, Wrinkles, Water retention


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