Azelaic Acid: The Latest Beauty Elixir Everyone Is Talking About

While all beauty fanatics are aware of the latest and hot skincare products and acids, we are often blinded by the fancy packaging of popular brands, and as if under a magic spell, throw huge bucks their way. But what the major question lies here is, if these products do live up to their hype. Today we are referring to one such popular acid, namely, azelaic acid which has been the talk of the town lately.

Present in our staple food, like wheat, barley, and rye, the acid is known for thoroughly cleansing pores and therefore preventing any bacteria that could lead to full-fledged acne. A true elixir for all our sensitive skin types out there, azelaic can help treat your major issues like rosacea and fungal acne. Now, let’s swiftly get into its pros and cons to convince you why this acid should be added to your beauty regimen stat. 



Benefits Of Azelaic Acid:

  • To prevent any irritation, azelaic acid helps clean out pores, resulting in the prevention of possible future acne.
  • It is capable of tackling inflammation, a major concern of millions of people in the present day, and can give way to healthier skin, minus the redness and puffiness.
  • It also encourages cell turnover, allowing the skin to strengthen its barrier and even reduce visible acne scars.


Possible Cons To Keep In Mind:

  • While it has recently become the number one choice of dermatologists in treating rosacea and taking care of sensitive skin, it also has its fair share of drawbacks, like, possible dryness, peeling, subtle skin burning, and itchiness.


Hence, our advice would be to do fair testing before using and gradually increase the acid into your regime but definitely do not hesitate to incorporate it into your skincare routine. Simply start by using it once a week to twice a week and later include it on a daily basis, depending on your skin’s acceptance. It is a gentle acid so surely do not hold back from giving this a try, but as we all know, every individual has a unique skincare routine that specifically caters to their skin’s needs so while we highly recommend this acid, we also suggest only to embrace the product if your skin welcomes it wholeheartedly.


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