Corrective Measures For Insomnia : How To Enhance Your Sleep Quality

With the fast paced lives we all lead today, mental stress & anxiety keeps lingering and affects almost all our routine activities. It has no demarcation with respect to ages and situations and impacts people differently. Stress can be divided into two categories - Temporary stress & Long term stress. Temporary stress throws light on physical stress which includes insomnia i.e. difficulty in sleeping. A proper sleep schedule doesn’t just rely on an eight hour sleep, but is equally dependent on the sleep quality too. Thus, stress management & dealing with stress induced insomnia becomes imperative and improves the quality of living.

Suffering from Insomnia and Sleep-induced Stress? Follow these corrective measures to fix sleep disorder a Good night's sleep everyday -


Corrective measures for insomnia - smelling essential oils for better sleep - stress induced insomnia - House of Beauty Mind relaxing kit


  • Olfactory activation Dependence of olfactory activation for a better sleep is one way to fix your sleeplessness. Studies show that different olfactory neurons get stimulated when our nostrils inhale different scents. Inhalation of relaxing scents is highly beneficial in stress relief and aims at managing the anxiety levels. This influence of scents in mental and physical processes is the reason why Aromatherapy sessions with those specific essential oils impacts our mood and social behaviour. Thus it plays a major role in enhancing the sleep quality and helps to get a good night’s sleep everytime. 

House of Beauty’s Mind Relaxing Kit is ideally beneficial in calming our mind and body by activating the Parasympathetic nervous system and helps release sleep hormones.


Corrective measures for insomnia - yoga nidra yoga ayurveda for better sleep - how to enhance sleep quality


  • Yoga NidraAyurveda is the answer to almost all of the modern problems we have today. Concentration on breathing and breath control is the essence of yoga - which also directs the nervous system to relax, scientifically speaking. By practising Face Yoga Nidra, a state of meditative consciousness called Samadhi can be achieved which further results in better overall wellness. The technique goes like this-
  1. Start by relaxing your mind
  2. Relax all the muscles of your scalp
  3. Relax your forehead muscles
  4. Relax both your eyebrows - right to left
  5. Relax both your temples - right to left
  6. Relax both your eyes - right to left
  7. Relax your nose
  8. Relax both your ears - right to left
  9. Relax both your cheeks - right to left
  10. Relax your lips
  11. Relax your tongue
  12. Relax your jaw
  13. Relax your neck
  14. Relax your shoulder

Maintain focusing on your breath and leave all your recurring thoughts behind.


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LED red light therapy for better sleep - corrective measures to treat insomnia - ensure better sleep


  • Skin Tech - LED Light therapy isn’t just beneficial for your skin, but works wonders for your overall mental balance and peace. Spending time recharging your human battery and detoxifying your soul proves to be the best bedtime routine and highly improves the quality of your sleep. Practising this non-invasive therapy for less than 5 minutes everyday ensures a good night's sleep and enhances the sleep quality. The only thing to keep in mind - to limit the time interval as prolonged exposure can show adverse effects like hyperactivity. Hence this 5-minute routine is a perfect prep for your beauty sleep. 





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