Leg Care 101: Tackling Cellulite, Strawberry Legs & Ingrown Hair

With the summer finally in full roar now and the sun covering all of our days it’s time to get that beach body ready. And while the majority is hitting the gym or cutting down on carbs, the attention is definitely drifting from the main thing – leg care. As we spend bucks and bucks to get the perfect glow on our faces we quite often ignore our bodies, especially the lower body and legs. And yes, those countless salon visits just for pedicures don’t really count as leg care. It calls for something more than just basic scrubbing and moisturising and a more vigorous and intense routine is required to tackle leg issues like stubborn cellulite on thighs and butt, strawberry leg and ingrown hair as well. Let’s dive a bit deeper into these concerns, get familiar with its causes and know the solution as well.

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It is created when our fat cells accumulate pushing up against the skin causing uneven texture on the surface and appearing as dimples on the skin. The bumpy skin can be reduced by numerous ways; dry brush, exfoliation and massage.

Strawberry Legs

Another one of the most common issues women face is strawberry legs, it occurs when our enlarged pores or hair follicles get filled with dead skin cells, bacteria or dirt. It usually happens after shaving which leads to open pores. It can be tackled with exfoliation, dry brush, salicylic wipes and keeping legs properly moisturised.

Ingrown Hair

A total nightmare if we may say, ingrown hairs are caused when the hair is grown back into the skin, instead of growing outward on the surface itself. While shaving is the primal cause of strawberry legs at times it can also be caused by dead skin on our skin. It can be diminished in many effective ways like exfoliation, salicylic wipes and using a decent razor when shaving and not just a disposable one of low quality.

So we are sure by now you can guess the ultimate products that will work wonders on your legs. But how to get your hands on the top quality ones, our recommendation is HOB’s dry brush, salicylic wipes and scrub that will contribute immensely to your leg care. 

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  • Divya Arora

    My skin is soo sensitive. I have strawberry legs and ingrown skin… pls suggest best products and best way to cure it

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