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House of Beauty Hair Food + Hair Tonic

Rs. 1,020.00 Rs. 1,200.00

A non-oily everyday hair spray that nourishes and regrows hair. Gives hair a healthy shine and strengths your hair roots. 

Infused with Grapeseed and Aloe Vera helps reduce hair-fall & hair thinning in both Men and Women. 

How to Use 

Just Spray 2 pumps on roots and 2 pumps on length of the hair, every night and wake up to healthier happier hair. Can be used after derma roller or Jade comb. 


1) Nourishes 

2) Re-grows hair 

3) Reduces Hair fall 

4) Make hair shiny 

5) Infuses hair with the vitamins it needs

6) Strengthens hair roots.

7) Non-oily, non-greasy

8) Thin light texture with new age formulation.