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House of Beauty Anti-Ageing Guasha (RoseQuartz)

Rs. 3,200.00

Meet our Anti-ageing Guasha, a Sculpting, Contouring, Lifting, Fine line reducing, anti-ageing tool! 

Made of pure Rose Quartz stone with special line removal teeth that has detoxifying and anti ageing properties, each side of this tool comes with a firm purpose to deliver what it promises. 

A facial massage from home is the best feeling, ever, and you can enhance your forehead, jawline, and cheeks with just a few daily strokes of this skincare essential. 

Benefits :- 

  • Reduces Neck lines, Smile lines
  • Relaxes forehead muscles (a natural approach to Botox)
  • Targets large and small facial contours
  • Refresh under eyes
  • Assists in targeted lymphatic drainage 
  • Lifts the facial muscle 

How to Clean

Clean with HOB cleaning Spray or soap and water.  

Whats Included

A full size 30 ml HOB Face oil bottle and HOB cleaning spray. 

Please note the oils are randomly packed in the boxes, you can get any Peach Glow oil or Tea Tree Avocado Oil.