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House of Beauty Fridge (Cold & Hot)

Rs. 10,000.00

The Ultimate Beauty Fridge that can be kept in your washroom, room, car or office desk! Keep all your Facetools, Creams, serums in it and ensure that they last their shelf life and do not get spoilt before expiry. A super convenient 2 shelves fridge with a door basket for sheet masks and more. 

The Heat mode can be used for warms towels, face wax, essential oils and more. 

Features include 

  • Backlit 3 mode LED mirror in front 
  • Home Charging Cable and Car Charging Cable
  • Cold and HOT switch
  • Cooling- 0- 10 C (Room); 10-15 C (Car) 
  • Capacity- 6 litres
  • Voltage- DC 12 V/ AC 220 V
  • Power- 48 W
  •  Space Inside- 24.1 X 14.5  X 15 cm

Perfect to store your beauty tools, face creams and jars or even use as Towel Warmer in HEAT MODE. Great for personal use and professional use, in Salons and Spas.