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House of Beauty Overnight Anti-Wrinkle Patches

Rs. 1,400.00

Overnight Patches are made of treatable fabric that helps is reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, these are to be worn overnight. Helps in tightening skin in a way that additional wrinkles are not created when you sleep. 

These patches have built-in air vents between the glue lines, which can be altered for the desired breathability.

They have the same elasticity as human skin and moves frictionlessly with the skin in every direction for comfort and effectiveness. 

In each box you get:-

5 Blue + 5 Pink Patches + 30ml Hyaluronic serum. 


- Smoothes wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead, and neck 

- Reduces double chin 

- It helps in achieving a better definition of the natural shape of the face 

- Removes puffiness, especially around the eyes


The area to be patched should be clean and dry. The patch is applied on lines to have the best lifting and lymphatic drainage effect.