6 Beauty Benefits Of Avocado: Why To Add This Super Fruit Into Your Skincare Regime

While this super fruit sure tastes extremely scrumptious on a multigrain toast and is often devoured as guacamole, it won’t be considered an absolute crime to drag it from the pantry to your vanity. Now, let’s quickly jump in and break down the major benefits of it, highlighting all the more reasons why it should be added to your skincare regime stat.

How does avocado benefit the skin?

The creamy greenish fruit is known for being rich in healthy fats and is also packed with prime vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin C that play a major role in providing our skin with vitality, while also being responsible for promoting youthful-looking skin. 

avocado benefits for skin

Let’s get familiar with its 6 major beauty benefits:

Soothes extreme skin conditions

The vitamins, fats, and compounds present in avocado allow it to act as a skin repairer, while also improving severe skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

Improves skin elasticity

The super fruit avocado is enriched with innumerable fats that help improve the texture and elasticity of the skin.

Hydrates dry skin

It also aids intense hydration, making it a great choice to invest in for all the dry skin types out there. While of course being a good selection for other types as well in getting a more supple and plump skin. 

Improves overall skin health

With an abundance of vitamins, minerals, fats, and antioxidants, avocado caters to providing our skin with immense nutrients that promote healthier skin.

Protects from harsh rays of the sun

Avocados can also play an important role in protecting our skin from sun damage. The protein, beta carotene, fatty acids, and vitamins like A, E, and D reduce the harm done by UV rays.

Prevents acne breakouts

Thanks to the antibacterial properties present in avocado it can help prevent and minimize acne breakouts, so if you come under the category of acne-prone skin types then adding avocado toner or oil would be suggested.

Why do we recommend this versatile fruit?

This one goes without saying that we should definitely reap benefits from this super fruit. Filled with not only one but an endless amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, skipping on this Mexican-American fruit is not an option beauties!

If you are new to this whole avocado game but wish to add this fruit into your skincare regime then start with a subtle addition like a face oil or toner. Don’t hesitate to try our Tea Tree + Avocado Toner, specially curated for oily and combination skin.

tea tree + avocado toner for oily and combination skin

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