9 Best Solutions on How to Remove Dark Circles

You wake up in a fresh mood filled with optimism, but the positivity quickly turns melancholy when you see those dark circles getting deeper daily. You wonder what is going haywire, only to realise that it's the result of your tremendous work stress, messed-up circadian rhythm caused by improper sleep timings, and so much more. There is no denying the fact almost every other in the world undergoes the chronic issue of dark circles. Though most people experience dark circles as a consequence of fatigue, and stress, it is also common among the ageing population and is considered normal. Dark circles can be quite annoying and directly hit your self-confidence. 

If you are someone who has tried their hands on uncountable solutions but didn’t get noticeable results, then you should certainly read how to remove dark circles. 


Before that, What Exactly Causes Dark Circles? 

Dark circles can be annoying, especially when you're unable to treat them. Before understanding the diverse approaches to treating it, consider what causes them. One of the commonest reasons is ageing. Your eyes undergo dark circles.

      1. Genetics: Ask your grandparents and parents if they experienced dark circles. If yes, then your problem might be a result of genetics. 
      2. Rubbing your eyes: do you often find yourself rubbing your eyes? Then you already know the reason for your dark circles. The more you rub and scratch your eyes, the more you push your under eyes to swell and blood vessels to break. 
      3. Dermatitis: Contact dermatitis and eczema often cause your under-eye blood vessels to dilate and become visible through the skin. 
      4. Lack of Sleep: Do you sleep late and don’t get enough hours of sleep? When you undergo poor sleeping habits, it leads your eyes to go pale.
      5. Hyperpigmentation: When your body receives excess sun exposure, it triggers it to produce melanin. Melanin is the substance or pigment that provides your skin its colour.
      6. Dehydration: Your under eyes skin might appear dull when you run away from drinking enough water. 

How to Remove Dark Circles? - The Most Effective Ways

There are numerous effective ways through which you can handle your dark circles. Here you will find some of the solutions that have greatly helped multiple people in reducing the presence of dark circles. But since every person is distinctive, you must try these out to know which suits the best. 

  1. Sleep: One of the most essential yet overlooked activities is sleeping. When you experience fatigue and lack of sleep, it automatically leads to dark circles. As you turn paler, you will also notice your dark circles getting darker. Start sleeping for at least 7 to 8 years and see your dark circles fading. 
  2. Cold Tea Bags: One of the most convenient ways to treat under eye bags is putting cold tea bags. You can put chamomile or green tea bags to notice immediate results. It works with the help of the residual caffeine that guards blood vessels reducing blood flow and helping to offer relief from dark circles. 
  3. Elevation: Another easy hack for removing dark circles is elevating your head as you sleep by putting extra pillows under your head. This leads to lessening the puffiness caused by fluid pooling. 
  4. Under-Eye Serum: Under-eye serums are often recommended as an effective way to battle dark circles. Speaking of dark circles, the House of Beauty’s collagen cream does wonders for your skin by removing all of it. It is accoladed for showing quick results of youthful and supple skin. This serum reduces the appearance of ageing and wrinkles and increases the good fat of the face. You can try out other brands and find the one you like. 
  5. Aloe Vera: Nothing can beat the natural moisturiser that aloe vera is. Applying aloe vera tends to make your under eyes less saggy and offer nourishment. 
  6. Almond Oil and Lemon Juice: This one is a homemade mix with almond oil and lemon juice. The active component of lemon juice is ascorbic acid which aids in reducing water retention leading to puffy circles. Moreover, lemon juice has bleaching power in it as well. 
  7. Cucumber: When looking for ways how to remove dark circles, cucumber often tops the list and for all the right reasons. The proponents of natural healing suggest slicing thick slices of cucumbers and then placing the slices on the dark circles for about 10 minutes. Post that, rinse the area with water. Continue this twice a day for complete healing. 
  8. Skin Supplement: Everybody knows that eating wholesome foods leads to glowing and prosperous skin. The same goes for the reduction of dark circles. If you can stick to a regime of skin supplements comprising vitamins and minerals, it will be an effective way of addressing the concern. One product that has gained accolades for its premium skin supplement is House of Beauty’s skin supplement contains elements like iron, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and more.
  9. Yoga and Meditation: One of the regular causes of dark circles is depression and an erratic lifestyle. Practice yoga and meditation to ensure a calm and composed lifestyle; it will also lead to a reduction in dark circles.

Dark circles can indeed be annoying - it makes you appear unhealthy the times when you are completely the opposite. The most effective way to resolve the perpetual issue of how to remove dark circles is to ensure a healthy lifestyle that involves nutritious foods, avoiding eye rubbing and eye cosmetics, moisturising the skin, wearing sunglasses, and using the skin supplement from the House of Beauty.  

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