All The Reasons Why You Need To Invest In A Beauty Fridge Stat

It happens quite often that we throw away our most expensive skincare products in a jiffy the moment we see its expiration date met, but what if we let you in on a secret that you can increase the shelf life of your adored products. And if you are a skincare fanatic just like us then knowing about the latest beauty trends is a given. The beauty fridge is the latest talk of the town; with its numerous benefits convincing people of its necessity in an instant we are also here to share the same reasons with you. Here’s one summer essential you need to add to your beauty list stat. So without further ado let’s dive into its top benefits that will convince you enough to order it the very next day!


Beauty Fridge by House of Beauty India - to increase shelf life of skincare products


Increase product shelf life

The beauty fridge can help increase the product shelf life, the cold temperature of the fridge makes sure the products refrain from perishing quickly. While the change isn’t that significant the shelf life of your products can be extended by a month or two.

Keeps products bacteria-free

The low temperature of the fridge helps in keeping bacteria formation at bay, making sure the products remain safe to use.

Increases product efficiency

One of the best parts about the beauty fridge is how it can increase product efficiency, the cool temperature not only improves the texture of the product but also increases the product penetration by three times.

Reduces temperature for cooler effect

We all are aware of how using chilled products can help calm irritated skin while also de-puffing it. They can significantly reduce inflammation and promote supple skin.

Let’s also quickly go through all the skincare products that can be stored in a beauty fridge and which ones are a big no.


beauty fridge by House Of Beauty India

Products you can keep:

Products you can’t keep:

  • Face oils
  • Facial cleansers
  • Exfoliates
  • Powders

But the main question remains as to which beauty fridge is worth investing in. With endless beauty fridges available on the market now, how can we trust which product will be the best for us. Here’s our top recommendation; House of Beauty India’s Beauty Fridge with LED and mirror will be your ultimate saviour this summer, a definite skincare essential you should invest in stat!


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