Face Cupping : The Non-Invasive Facelift Technique Everyone Is Talking About

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From filters to fillers, we all run after the many ways to achieve a structured & lifted face. From Katrina Kaif’s “facelift makeup” technique to expensive money-squandering cosmetic procedures, us beauty fanatics have been keen on trying on different ways to achieve a perfect facelift. These artificial means make it impossible for the facelifting effects to persist and need to be addressed in a way that is more skin friendly and long lasting. Wonder how to make it true? Spilling the hottest and the most efficient way to achieve facelift naturally - Face Cups!

By using suction as its fundamental technique, it creates a slight pull which helps in blood flow stimulation and thus provides a glowing face, reduces puffiness, tones the facial muscles and gets rid of the accumulated facial fat. These silicone suction cups are not only affordable, but are also non-invasive and thus negates all the ill effects of a surgical procedure. Our cups provide the perfect vacuum to exercise the facial muscles and provide multitude benefits to the skin like -

  1. Boosts blood circulation - Face Cupping guides the body’s blood flow system and stimulates its systemic circulation. It relaxes and tones the muscles thus giving way to youthful and glowing skin.

  2. Releases muscle tension & puffiness - Face cupping therapy ensures the loosening of the tight muscles and relieves the built-up stress from the face. A proper blood flow ensures the release of these toxins through the lymphatic system and thus gets rid of any swelling or water retention in the form of puffiness. It also eliminates toxins and promotes cell repair.

  3. Boosts the skin’s collagen production - By stimulating the proper blood flow network, it improves the skin’s collagen production which in turn makes the skin healthy, supple and youthful. In addition, it also helps minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

  4. Tones facial muscles - Face cupping not just helps to brighten the skin but also to get rid of the sagging double chin and neck, giving the appearance of a chiseled jawline. Thus, face cups provide a perfect assistance to Face Yoga exercises for a structured face.


House of beauty face cup kit - gua sha - face tools - kansa wand - for toning sculpting and face lifting


How is it different from other face tools like Gua Sha or Kansa Wand?

While Gua sha involves stroking the face with the natural stones, face cupping uses the suction method and involves gliding it on the desired area. While both the tools help to tone the face and promote a healthy flush on the skin, Gua sha is more preferable to achieve the Greek god like sculpted face while face cups have more anti-ageing effects on skin.
Kansa wand is an Indian alternative to face rollers and comes with all its benefits while detoxifying the face and body. With the integration of cooling metals like Copper and tin, It further reduces face/ body heat, known to assist in joint mobility and reduce eye strain.

While Kansa wand goes for all skin types, it is best to use the face cups with the face oil(for dry skin) and should strictly be restrained from using on active acne. For a gua sha, it is again advisable to apply face oil prior as a precaution to excessive scraping of the dry skin.


Face cupping benefits - how to do face cupping - face tools - house of beauty india - face cup kit - facelift at home - anti ageing treatment

Steps to use Face Cups the right way?

Now that we have come across the right tool for your skin, let us guide you through the right methods of using the face cups-

  • Start by applying HOB’s face oil on your skin
  • Gently squeeze the cup from the middle and apply it to the desired area.
  • The suction will stick the cup to your skin.
  • Massage in circular, up and down motion, always from the center of your face towards the hairline.
  • Use it for 10 minutes 2 times a week - for healthy glowing skin.

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