Gua Sha Quick Guide: Usage, Benefits, and Types

Gua Sha Quick Guide: Usage, Benefits, and Types


Facial gua sha is one of the most effective tools to sculpt, lift, and contour your face with results delivered to you in no time. The practice also promotes better circulation, stronger facial muscles, healthier skin tissue, reduced puffiness, and much more. It also slows down the aging process if used on a regular basis. Let us get to know the 4 easy steps one needs to get the skin and jawline of your dreams.

Step 1: Cleanse

To use this tool, firstly, you’d want a clean surface to roll on unless you want dirt to seep into your skin and terrify you with acne. Using gua sha on a regular basis will have a shift in your skin, you will become more youthful looking with a toned complexion and have a natural glow like in your childhood days. This will also help your skin increase circulation, promote healthy lymphatic flow, and improve the entire function of your skin. 

Step 2: Lubrication

Try to lubricate your skin with oil to give your skin some slip or otherwise you’d be injuring the skin by dragging it. Use a non-comedogenic oil that is gentle on your skin such as squalane. 

Step 3: Massage

Try opening up the pores of the entire neck with your gua sha before moving onto the face area because it will affect what is happening with your face. There are a lot of lymph nodes in the neck itself so try to be as gentle as possible. Whenever you have a breakout going on your face, please try to focus on just the neck area as you will be able to take it from there when your face clears up. You will be able to keep your routine going even when you are just focused on the neck and catching up when your face clears up. 

Step 4: Hydration

The most important thing to note is to stay hydrated throughout. It is advised to practice it daily or once in 2-3 days, 5-10 times per area. It will be better to practice it in the morning so that you go on to look and feel more awake throughout the day. You will be able to transform the way you look and feel if it is practiced daily. 

Benefits Of A Gua Sha Stone

There are a lot of benefits of a Gua Sha stone. Let us know some of them in this quick guide.

  1. It helps reduce puffiness and inflammation as excessive lymphatic fluid gets drained when you use it on skin.
  2. It also helps regulate blood circulation and makes you get rosy cheeks and radiant skin.
  3. Massaging with this tool can help your muscles relax well.
  4. It helps slim your face and add definition by contouring your cheekbones and jawline.
  5. You will be able to see anti-ageing signs like reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Types of Gua Sha


Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Being one of the most popular gua shas, this helps calm you down and also helps you soothe sensitive skin. You would want to try this rose gua sha if you have acne-prone or rosacea skin.

Jade Gua Sha

Jade Gua Sha

Jade gua sha is the most popular gua sha out there. Perfect for beginners, it has a cooling effect on skin and keeps your skin at an ideal temperature. It is also said to have a great amount of qi energy which can regulate body pain.

Black Obsidian Gua Sha

Black Obsidian Gua Sha

This is the perfect Gua Sha for muscle relief and relaxation. The Black Obsidian Gua Sha will strengthen and repair muscle tissue over time so that you can go on with your life pain-free.

And there you have it. With this guide, you have now become a pro in the art of scraping your face and body. Always remember to practice safe scraping and be gentle on your face unless you want to look like a monkey with a red face. Happy scraping, and may the force be with your face! 

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