How To Get Long, Shiny, Healthy Hair At Home

Losing hair? We're 'hair' for you!


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…. 

Growing up we all were enchanted by those gorgeous locks we saw on our favourite princess. Such thick, long and silky hair has always allured us with its pageantry. However, with a fast paced life it has been getting difficult to provide proper nourishment to the hair to enhance the hair health, volume and texture. Gone were the days when we had the time, energy and patience for DIY hair packs and masks. Hair spas too aren’t always the first option because of its cost and maintenance. So what do we resort to, to get long and thick hair naturally?

Look no further! House of Beauty brings forward a number of premium hair products like Derma Rollers, Black Seed Onion Oil, Hair Food + Hair Tonic and Hair Vitamins w Anagain & Biotin that provides a complete package to help you get the hair of your dreams. 


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Is this you? Stay tuned with us!


Did you know we lose about 50-100 hair-strands each day? Yes! Losing hair is not the issue, but what’s worrisome is when hair doesn't grow back!

Presenting House of Beauty’s Derma Roller + Hibiscus & Rosemary infused Black Seed Onion Oil, which prevents hair fall and boosts new hair growth. Simply use it on your clean and dry scalp a couple of times a week and wait for this promising tool to work its magic. 

 Girl with thick black hair - House of Beauty Derma Roller for hair regrowth, thick hair, hair loss, shiny hair


Wonder how it works? It improves the blood circulation and increases collagen, which in turn promotes new hair growth. It is your go to at-home Mcroneedling device manufactured from the highest grade titanium. 


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Step 2 

House of Beauty’s Black Seed Onion Oil is your next step to ‘Mission Miss Perfect Hair’. After using HOB Derma Roller, it is recommended to apply this oil overnight/ for some hours with a follow up massage to infuse the goodness of natural ingredients like Amla, Shikakai, Castor oil, pure Black Seed oil, Brahmi, Hibiscus along with Vitamin E. A DIY is great, but this is basically your highest grade DIY premix without the hassle! 

 House of Beauty's black seed onion oil for hair growth, long thick shiny hair


Not only it reduces hair fall but also strengthens your hair follicle which promotes a healthy foundation for your new hair. It nourishes the scalp and adds strength and shine to your hair, ideal to get protection from harmful effects and pollutants. Use it along with House of Beauty’s Jade Comb for added benefits.


Step 3

For shiny Hair Length

 Brunette girl with shiny hair


With such a hectic schedule it is often easier to switch to a hybrid beauty product which not only makes you look presentable but also aids the issue. House of Beauty’s Hair Food + Hair Tonic is the product you are looking for. This magic spray bottle is a hassle free way to keep your hair frizz - free by keeping all the stray hair in place while providing proper nourishment which helps in regrowing the hair. Infused with the goodness of Grapeseed, Aloe Vera and packed with Vitamins, this non-oily, non-greasy hair spray reduces hair thinning, strengthens hair roots, nourishes your hair and makes your hair look shiny and presentable for the day.


Step 4

House of Beauty believes in glowing from within! While applying these natural hair care products topically, this holistic beauty brand gives you a secret to healthy hair from within. Hair Supplements W/T Anagain & Biotin is the answer to all your hair woes. These supplements are formulated as per FSSAI certified standards. It not only activates hair growth but builds muscle fibre while giving way to a healthy scalp. It improves the quality of Keratin in our hair and provides shinier and healthier hair. Say bye to brittle hair and nails. Best taken post dinner.

 House of Beauty's Multivitamin for thick healthy shiny hair


So ladies, start nourishing your beautiful hair (from within) and say yes to healthy tress!


Step 5

Shampoo + Conditioner 

Still hooked to this article? Well we have a good news for you! We're awaiting to launch our upcoming Shampoo and Conditioner to further add to your healthy hair care routine for your dream hair!


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