Japanese Facial Massage v/s Face Yoga School by Vibhuti Arora

Japanese Facial Massage 
Face Yoga School by Vibhuti Arora

The Face Yoga School by Vibhuti Arora asserts that the science and the correct technique of exercising your face with the correct exercises is a holistic approach to Face Yoga. When you massage, lift, tighten and exercise these muscles, they become plump, which stretches the tightens the skin on the surface, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Japanese have a similar approach to exercising their faces for better and tighter skin. One of the major techniques of massaging they use is the Korugi massage.

Korugi is an anti-ageing facial massage developed by the Japanese therapist Chiyo Hayashi. It focuses mainly on the skin the layers of built-up fat underneath the skin. Sagging and loose facial muscles are part and parcel of our old age as collagen and elastin production slows down with age. The fat under our skin redistributes itself and gets collected in areas such as our cheeks, jaw, and underneath our eyes. To reduce this puffiness and fat build-up, Korugi massage has come to our rescue. It helps by dispersing fat deposits, exercising and toning down of the ageing process, stimulating lymphatic residue, and improving the blood circulation in our face. You won’t be able to differentiate yourself from a younger you anymore with these few steps.

Step 1: Skin Prep

Cleanse your skin with a mild face cleanser and pat dry. Apply a gentle serum or moisturiser on your face and massage until the moisturiser fades away. Apply a facial oil so that you get the level of greasiness for your fingers to move properly and reduce friction.

Step 2: Cheek Lift

Place your elbows on a flat surface and clench your fists against your cheekbones. Use your knuckles to press against your bone for at least 5 seconds.

Step 3: Massage your Forehead

Bend your head in the backward direction and ball your hands into a fist. Press your middle finger knuckles into your hairline and continue pressing while sliding your fingers towards the temple and your earlobes along the hairline. Finish while moving your fingers towards the collarbones.

Step 4: Working with the Cheeks

Lock your hands together and keep your thumbs in the upward direction. You will be needing the side of your thumbs to perform this exercise. Place the tip of your right thumb just underneath the inner corner of your left eye and on the outer side of the nose. Slide your thumb down the side neckline from the earlobe. Repeat this motion at least twice and perform the same massage with the right part of your face.

Step 5: Smoothing the Forehead

Ball your hands into fists and place them together on your forehead. Place your knuckles just above the brow line and rub on the way to your hairline. Move the hands back to the starting position but slightly towards the side and make an upward motion once again. Smoothen out your forehead and keep making the same motion until you’ve covered your entire forehead.

Step 6: Opening the Eyes

Make a fist and keep your thumb protruding towards the outside of your fist. Slide your fist towards the upper side of your eyebrows, close your eyes and use your knuckles of your index and middle finger to move along the brow line. Start from the inner part of your eyebrow and slowly move outwards. Do the same with the other side of your face.

Step 7: Sculpt the Jaw

Keep your m=index and middle fingers jutting out of your fist but still bent at the knuckles. Use these two fingers to press and stretch the skin from the chin towards the temples. Use an ample amount of pressure and repeat the same at least 7-8 times on both sides.
Step 8: Finish the Massage

Open up your palms and place your fingertips on your forehead while slowly sliding your fingers on your way to the temple, neck and lastly, your collarbones. This exercise helps you destress and release any tension built up on your face. Relax your face completely by repeating this massage a few more times.

Now let’s jump onto the exercises and poses Vibhuti Arora suggests to tone your facial muscles to reduce the ageing process.

Face Yoga by Vibhuti Arora for Anti-ageing

  • The Butterfly Squint

  • This exercise is used to reduce under eye fine lines. This exercise strengthen the extrinsic muscles of your eyes and reduces droopiness of the upper lid. Lines on your lid or crow’s feet is known as the Butterfly Squint. For this, place your index and middle fingers on the outer corners of your eyes and then stretch the two fingers to form a ‘V’ or make a 45-degree angle like the wings of a butterfly. Focus on a point near you and hold your gaze straight. Squeeze your eyes shut and pull your crow’s feet skin. Let the eye muscles move backwards while your focus is still on the centre. Relax for a few seconds and then close and open your eyes while creating a resistance and relaxing again and again. Repeat the same exercise for at least 8 times.

  • Pinky Pinches

  • This exercise is used to enhance the cheek muscles. The pinching motion used in this exercise sends false signals to the brain to send repair cells that gush through blood to the affected region. All you have to do is use your thumb and index finger and start by mildly pinching your cheek region. Be gentle but firm while pinching all the way up to your temple. The next step is to pinch and twist mildly without pulling or tugging any skin and only pinching the muscles of the face. Repeat this all the way on zone 2 to the count of 20. Repeat this exercise at least 3 times.

  • Cheek Caterpillar

  • This is the perfect exercise for those who are looking for face lifting, face sculpting, and cheek contouring. To start this exercise, ensure that your spine and neck are straight and start the caterpillar finger massage by slowly putting your fingers deep below your zygomatic muscles, lifting the 2 muscles and creating the perfect contour for your muscles to build memory. Do this exercise for at least 20 seconds and repeat at least 3 times.

  • Line Stretcher

  • Place the side of your middle and ring fingers flat against one of the sides of your nasolabial line. Open and flatten the finger pads of your fingers on the line stretching one corner of your lip mildly and the fingers of your other hand pulling the skin on the upper part of the skin around your ear. Press that point for at least 2 seconds, build your muscle memory and let go. This exercise is used for strengthening and flattening the nasolabial fold which causes your skin to sag. Repeat this exercise 6 times on each side of your face.

  • Bulldog Push

  • For this exercise, place your index fingers on both sides of your nose. Breathe in and flare your nostrils and with your fingers, apply equal and opposite pressure to the flaring of your nostrils. This exercise will help you tone and shape your nose muscles. Do this exercise to the count of 20.

    Face Yoga

    The above techniques and exercises help promote face lifting and are related to anti-ageing. They are very effective techniques if you’re looking to avoid and improve wrinkles and fine lines. Face Yoga not only strengthens the focused area, but also the other facial muscles.

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