Permanent Hair Removal: Bid Adieu To Body Hair With Laser Treatment

With Gen Z constantly talking about embracing body hair, we are definitely living in the new age era where body shaming has no place. But for the ones who feel more confident in a freshly shaved arm or waxed body, there are numerous options you can go for, simply naming a few like, waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, electrolysis and more. However the crucial question here is which is the best option you can rely on for visible, long-lasting results and bid adieu to pesky body hair forever. This is where our top recommendation laser, jumps in.

While no person would be convinced without some factual backing, we are here to bombard you with all the major benefits of laser treatment, but shall also touch base on its disadvantages so the final call can be yours!


Benefits of Laser Treatment:

Speed/ Duration of treatment

The overall duration of the treatment is comparatively lesser than other hair removal solutions, each laser pulse has the ability to tackle and diminish numerous hair strands in the fraction of a second. Making the whole procedure a quick one where smaller areas like upper lips or chin can be treated in under a minute and larger body areas can take up to an hour’s time.

Precision and accuracy

The treatment is extremely precise in selecting and targeting specifically coarse and dark hair, while leaving the surrounding area untouched and not damaged at all.  

Effectiveness of the treatment

Though a certain minimal amount of sessions are required to avail best results, the treatment can last from 4-8 sessions depending on each individual’s hair growth type. 

Promotes lighter hair growth

One of the major advantages of laser is that the treatment allows for reduced hair growth, promoting a lighter tone of the strands and thinner hair. 


Possible disadvantages to look out for:

  • It is more suitable for light-skinned body tones with coarser hair, since the laser automatically targets dark strands. 
  • As mentioned before the treatment requires some minimum amount of sessions for it to be an effective one, as anagen hairs are affected during the active hair growth cycle, which can only be diminished over time. Considering this a crucial part of laser treatment, you should definitely keep it in mind before jumping in or if you thought of it as a one-time play.
  • With laser treatment there is the possible threat of adverse reactions and unfavourable side effects on sensitive skin, including redness, blisters, skin discolouration and swelling.

In reference to this there are some laser options with fewer disadvantages that weigh more on the beneficial side like the Silktronic Pro of HOB. The portable and non-invasive device can be used from the comfort of your home, while efficiently working and adjusting to all your body contours and smaller areas. Accompanied with an aloe vera gel, this budget-friendly device is undoubtedly going on our top recommended product’s list. 

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