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What Is Double Serum Approach | How Is It Better Than Single Serum Application

Hallmarked for its multi-step skincare routines, K-Beauty has been altering our take on beauty ingredients, beauty product application and our notion on preserving & nourishing our skin with the most possible natural ingredients. Since we have every skin care fanatic’s attention after sprinkling ‘K-Beauty’ on your screen, let us get to unveiling their secret for their glass skin, a simple yet effective technique to make a remarkable influence on skin issues revealing your flawless skin - Double Serum Approach.

As the name suggests, the Double-Serum approach refers to layering or mixing 2 serums together for most benefits. As Monsoon is at its peak & humidity is highly impacting our skin and hair health, it becomes essential to switch to better techniques & preventative action to preserve it. With excessive perspiration, Monsoon further makes our skin oily followed by clogging of pores making it prone to breakouts. Hence the acne and pimples. Ditching heavy serums and moisturisers is your first step to let your skin breathe & protect itself this season. 


What Is Double Serum Approach | How Is It Better Than Single Serum Application - Serum texture


Opting for light-weight corrective serums won't clog your pores and would foster the goodness of both the active ingredients of the corrective serums, making it even more effective. House of Beauty’s Pigmentation Serum with Alpha Arbutin and Niacinamide attends to skin pigmentation and dark spots while combining it with House of Beauty’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum adds a layer of hydration and locks in the goodness. The icing on the cake is that these serums are carefully formulated using natural ingredients and thus have no allergic reaction or traces of any skin irritation. “Mixing of serums forms a potent vial and acts as a 2-in-1 power packed serum fighting against your issues while complementing each other claims Vibhuti Arora, co-founder at House of Beauty India. 

Why is the Double serum approach is better than applying a single serum?

Let me ask you this question - which is better, two ice creams or one? With a myriad of corrective serums in the market pertaining to every single issue, mixing two light-weight corrective serums together enables us to look into multiple skin issues without waiting to make the switch between your current corrective serum with the next one for the next skin issue.


What Is Double Serum Approach | How Is It Better Than Single Serum Application

Does mixing 2 serums feel harsh on the skin?

The simple answer would be both yes and no. Mixing 2 serums might leave your skin agitated. Thus we recommend using serums made from natural ingredients and which feels light on the skin to ensure its efficacy and a deeper penetration. “House of Beauty’s corrective serums are non-comedogenic and without any chemicals which makes it a 100% safe choice to opt for double-serum approach” adds Vibhuti.

How to layer 2 serums the right way?

An ideal method would be to apply the serum with lighter consistency or priority skin issue first. Follow it up by applying the second serum, preferably a hydrating one to lock in the skin’s moisture and make way for radiant and glowing skin. 

Check out this Double Serum application by Vibhuti Arora herself!



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