What is High Frequency Facial? How to Dry Pimples at home with this dermatologist tool

Still using physical scrubs to get rid of pesky pimples and whiteheads or paying through your nose for dermatologist facials or salon treatments to dry your acne? It's time to welcome a one-stop solution for all of your skin concerns, psst not just acne! But at home!

House of Beauty - High Frequency Magic Wand

What is a High-Frequency Magic Wand?

Originally known as the Violet Ray, Nikola Tesla invented the tool in the late 1800s. It was primarily used to treat infections and heal wounds. However, high-frequency electrical stimulation on the skin got discovered for cosmetic and healing benefits in the 1970s in small European salons. A decade later, skincare professionals in North America and across the globe, including doctors in India, started using the device widely.

What does High Frequency treat?

Every elite Dermatologist clinic’s favourite, the High-Frequency Magic Wand, is well-known for providing numerous advantages. 

  • Heal stubborn or cystic face acne 
  • Reduce under-eye puffiness 
  • Lighten dark eye circles
  • Shrink open pores
  • Treat body acne
  • Reduce whiteheads and blackheads
  • Improve scalp health & reduces dandruff 
  • Tighten facial muscles
  • Improve skin texture 

Get to know the Diodes

The High Frequency Wand comes with a set of four glass attachments also known as diodes:

Glow Skin Treatment

  • Acne: The Hook-Shaped diode works well as a spot treatment for rooted pimples. While it may take some time for the head to appear on the skin's surface, they are known to be extremely painful. The diode dries the acne without causing damage to the skin. While treating acne, the diode also helps to avoid deep pitted acne scars. They appear  due to tissue loss during cell regeneration, leaving a pitted appearance on the skin. Additionally, the diode aids in the reduction of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Under Eye Bags: The Mushroom diode is specifically known to treat under-eye problems. The tool promotes blood circulation, which aids in the fading of dark circles under the eyes, resulting in a brighter and more youthful appearance. 

    Another issue that the diode addresses is the reduction of under-eye puffiness. Swelling, also known as puffiness, is caused by the accumulation of fluid under our eyes. As a result, the mushroom diode causes fluid to drain beneath the eye, a process known as lymphatic drainage.

  • Body Acne: A common concern in teenagers, men & women living in hot climates or suffering from hormonal issues. The Round diode helps in combating such conditions. 
  • HairFall and Dandruff: The Comb-Shaped diode tightens your scalp's hair follicles. As a result, your hair will be shinier, thicker, and more voluminous. The High-Frequency Wand stimulates blood circulation, which contributes to a healthier scalp. It results in a decrease in toxicity that promotes new hair growth. As a result, you have desirable voluminous and thick hair.

How to use the High Frequency Wand at home?

House of beauty Jade Comb

1. Use a cleanser to clean and dry your face. You can also apply a serum before using the High-Frequency Magic Wand. 

2. Select a diode based on the issue you want to solve. 

3. Insert the diode into the wand and turn the knob on. Take note of how quickly the attachment turns to a light orange colour. Feel the vibration on the palm of your hand to ensure that it is not too strong to use on the face. (Note: ensure the knob is not twisted to the highest level while testing it on your palm).

4. Gently apply the attachment to the targeted area. Begin with the lowest level and work your way up to the highest level. 

5. Use it to the area where you have acne, blackheads, or whiteheads in a circular motion for one to two minutes.

6. When done, twist the knob off, remove the attached diode and store it safely. Unplug and keep the Magic Wand safely in the box.

Who should not use this tool? 

While using the High-Frequency Magic Wand is safe to use at home. But if you are pregnant, avoid using it.

Finally, the multifaceted High-Frequency Wand is ideal if you want to invest in a tool that can solve all of your face and hair problems in the comfort of your own home.

Watch how to use High Frequency Wand:  

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  • Disha Singh

    I have been facing problem of facial hairs and acne , scars on my face .
    While using it for acne problems will it lead to more growth of facial hairs on my face?

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