Why Buying A LED PHOTON MASK Is The Best Decision Ever For A Healthy Skin

What is LED Light therapy? How does it work?


LED Face mask benefits - House of beauty - how to use LED Face Mask at home 

With the advancement in technology we have today, it is imperative for the beauty industry as well to take a stride in enhancing the beauty procedures, to increase its efficacy. Incorporating LED Light Technology into beauty products has been a boon to the beauty industry. Despite just treating the skin concern topically, the wavelengths present in lights penetrate deep into the skin, catering to the root cause and thus proving to be the ample source of treatment. LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated, and validated by hundreds of Universities, Medical Labs, and most importantly NASA. With a total of over 2000 reports and documents written on this technology, it is the best non-invasive way for almost all skin problems- acne, suntan, wounds, etc. LED Light Therapy involves making use of different wavelengths of lights to target our skin’s natural healing process, which in turn do wonders in tackling the skin issues.

LED Face Mask - LED light rays wavelength - House of beauty how to use LED Face Mask at home

Different lights act on our skin cells differently. When they fall on our skin, it penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin i.e., epidermis and dermis. These lights aid the collagen production in the skin by influencing the fibroblasts - the skin cells essential in maintaining a healthy youthful skin. It also controls the sebum production in the skin by acting on sebaceous glands. LED lights aim to activate the biological processes of the skin and result in healing wounds and renewing the skin tissues.

What are the benefits of LED PHOTON MASK?

Different lights emitting from the LED Face Mask target different skin issues. For example - Red Light boosts the blood circulation and reduces fine lines and large pores. Blue Light kills the bacteria Porphyrins and is great for acne reduction, etc.



Red (620- 630 nm)

Boosts blood circulation, stimulates skin cells to increase collagen production, reduces fine lines & pores.

Blue (465- 470 nm)

Kills the bacteria Porphyrins, helps in achieving clear skin, great for acne reduction and pimple drying.

Green (515- 525 nm)

Balances & heals pigmentation, acne scars and speeds up the healing process.

Yellow (565- 590 nm)

Inhibits Melanin production to fade dark spots, improves microcirculation and promotes a glowing skin.

Purple (400- 420 nm)

Combination of 2 phytotherapies - Red & Blue. Improves lymph metabolism.

Clear Blue (500- 520 nm)

Mitigating skin inflammation, enhances skin cells’ energy & improves skin metabolism.


Activates skin’s renewal system & great for anti-ageing.

The LED Photon Mask by House of Beauty is not just an ordinary LED Mask consisting of Red Light & Blue Light but comes with a variety of lights like Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light, Yellow Light, Purple Light, Clear Blue Light and White Light. Backed by Science, the wavelengths of such lights are directed towards treatments like Whitening, Anti-aging, Acne Spots, Scar Removal, Smooth skin, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Skin Tightening Facials. Suitable for all skin types. 

The great thing about LED masks is that they cater to all skin types and colours. Different lights target different skin issues. Also, it does not cause any burns and is ready to use - does not require a complete isolation of the skin’s exposure from the sun like other treatments do. It usually requires several weeks of treatments for the results to show.

How is it different from Face Shield?

Both the tools - LED Face Shield & LED Face Mask radiate these lights and are beneficial in treating all skin issues - the only difference is the intensity. LED Face Shield has a comparatively mild intensity with standard light options. LED Photon Face Masks on the other hand includes different brightness levels and penetrates deeper into the dermis. With 4 flicker light options, It also promotes mild microcurrenting - ideal for a natural face lift by stimulating the facial muscles.


 House of Beauty's LED Photon Face Mask - how to use LED Face Mask - benefits of using led lights - photo therapy for acne - anti ageing


Wondering How to Use LED PHOTON FACE MASK? 

For Daily use it is recommended to use it for 5 minutes(each light) and not treat your skin with more than 3 lights. You can use it every alternative day as well for 30 minutes. Use Red light for 15 mins, Green for 5 mins & White laser light for 5 mins for collagen boosting and to get a glowing skin. To increase the efficacy of the LED Light Mask, it is mandatory to not apply any serums or moisturisers before undergoing the LED Light Therapy. Placing the mask on a fresh face allows the wavelengths in the lights to penetrate deeper in the skin. 

Skincare trends come and go, some are based on facts while some are merely fads but this kind of a skin tech tool is definitely raising the standards of today’s beauty industry. Incorporating photon lights into the skincare routine lays the foundation of skin technology and has high hopes to transcend with the advancement of technology.


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