Why do you need a Skin Care Fridge?

A skincare fridge is also known as Beauty fridge. This device of refrigeration has been designed to preserve the quality of the beauty products until they reach the end of their shelf-life. The quality of the branded skincare and hair-care products is thoroughly tested before being marketed. The majority of these products have been manufactured to remain stable at the room temperature due to containing a high level of preservatives.

Key features to check in your #BeautyFridge

A mini fridge that has both cold AND hot settings? Yep, you read that right. Atleast the one from House of Beauty India.

Cold Mode

We recommend storing your favourite perfumes, facial equipment, and skincare products (excluding oils!) in the cold setting.

If your skincare products claim to cool, soothe, or de-puff your skin, putting them in your Beauty Fridge will help you get the most out of them! Sheet masks are all the rage in 2022, and keeping them cool will boost their anti-inflammatory properties and give your skin a healthy glow. During your self-care routine, nothing beats a cold face mask followed by a facial massage with your favourite beauty roller!

If you have sensitive skin, applying your moisturiser and facial mists cold before putting your makeup will assist to reduce redness and act as a relaxing barrier. We also like to put aloe-based products and after-sun care products in a cool atmosphere to promote calmer skin (this is especially beneficial if you have reactive skin or rosacea).

Vitamin C is a terrific active component to use for treating redness or a compromised skin barrier, but it may also be one of the first skincare products in your routine to go bad, depending on the recipe! Keeping your vitamin C serum in your Beauty Fridge might help it last longer and stay fresh.

Hot Mode

We all know that a refrigerator is supposed to keep things cold, but we've gone it a step further and included a hot option in our Beauty Fridge! If you're hooked to at-home facials (or if you own a home-based day spa or salon! ), this is a must-have. By keeping wax, face and essential oils, and tiny towels in your Beauty Fridge, you can create the ideal DIY spa day. 

The organic or natural skincare product and formulas may not contain any preservatives or may not have as much preservatives as the skincare products made of different types of chemicals. The natural or organic products can greatly benefit the skin and hair since they have been manufactured from the naturally collected elements. However, the shelf-life of natural and organic products may lessen due to exposure to humidity, sunlight or heat.

For example, the plant-based formulation of the skin collagen booster increases the collagen production of the body. This type of product contains little to no preservatives and may become destabilized when kept at the room temperature. The cooler environment of a skincare fridge can prevent the natural and organic products from oxidizing and deteriorating. However, a skincare fridge is beneficial of all types of skincare products.

  1. Skincare/hair-care products remain fresh and last longer when kept at a cooler temperature.
  2. Effectiveness of some skincare products, such as skin tightening face mask or anti-puffing creams, gels or rollers, increases when they are kept inside a fridge.
  3. A skincare product can reduce any type of inflammation after being cooled by the refrigerator.
  4. Cooler temperature prevents the chemical or natural skincare/hair-care products from destabilizing.

The medicated creams or lotions, such as anti-pigmentation solution etc., also benefit from refrigeration.

Therefore, a skincare fridge can preserve the shelf-life or the quality of different types of skincare, hair-care and beauty products alongside preserving the quality of medicated dermatological solutions.

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