Effective Anti-Ageing Treatments + Diet + Face Yoga Exercises To Try At Home

Your Ultimate Anti-Ageing Skincare Guide 


What’s the only thing women are afraid of? Yes, behind those powerful faces lies something they are uncontrollably insecure about - Revealing their age (SADLY!). With ageing comes those visible signs like under eye lines, dark circles, hollow eyes, sagging skin and appearance of jowls under the chin which not just reflect our time on Earth but undermine our self-confidence. Who doesn’t love a tighter and firmer skin right? This article is your perfect Anti-Ageing guide & sheds light on collagen rich diets with supplement alternatives, topical anti-ageing treatments (if you’re not a fan of those cosmetic procedures) with 3 bonus Face Yoga exercises to try at home.

 Your Ultimate Anti-Ageing Skincare Guide - Effective Anti-Ageing Treatments + Diet + Face Yoga Exercises To Try At Home

Collagen - a connective tissue which is present as the lining of our organs & in-between our joints and on the face under our skin is essential to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin. It is highly beneficial in lubricating the skin and giving it a firm & youthful appearance. However, our body’s ability to retain collagen only happens when there is enough Vitamin C to support it. Some natural sources of Collagen are-

  • Kidney beans or Rajma
  • Chickpeas or Chana as sprouts/hummus/in a steamed form
  • Okra or Bhindi 
  • Spinach or Palak
  • Sweet Potato or Shakarkand
  • Tomato or Tamatar
  • Pumpkin or Kaddu 
  • Garlic or Lehsun
  • Capsicum or Shimla Mirch

House of Beauty India's hydrolysed collagen tablets for healthy hair, skin and joints

Let me tell you a fact - many independent & authoritative women do not keep a track of their eating habits - either it stress-eating or getting their frappes refilled (guilty!) or having their first meal at 3 there's no in between. So how are we going to manage our daily collagen intake? Here comes the superfood - House of Beauty’s Hydrolysed Collagen Tablets which acts as your collagen shot - it not just combats ageing but also powers lipids - which enhances the skin barrier keeping all the textured skin issues at bay. 

Using House of Beauty’s Collagen Serum is your holy-grail to achieve those anti-ageing results on your skin. It effectively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and comes with antioxidants that help minimise UV Damage. Applying a sunscreen is a MUST to shield our skin from photoageing which also causes brown spots or age spots on the skin. House of Beauty’s SPF 30++ Mineralised Sunscreen with Blue Light Technology with anti-ageing effects against the cautionary blue light from the screens too! Another non-invasive face lifting treatment includes using House of Beauty’s Face Cup Kit which is a 100% painless suction therapy and works wonders to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles and helps in facelifting.

Face Yoga exercises by Vibhuti Arora from House of Beauty India

Want effective anti-ageing results like cosmetic/surgical procedures sans the money squandering? The answer is Face Yoga - the beauty gym for your face. Highly beneficial in not just reducing visible signs of ageing but also taking 5 years off your face. Some of the well known age-defying face yoga exercises are -


1. The Butterfly Squint - Since the skin around our eyes is delicate, it is more prone to ageing. The muscle movement plus external factors like sun damage further escalates this process. ‘The Butterfly Squint’ is ideal for correction regarding the under eye lines, upper eyelid lines and crow's feet. It also strengthens eye muscles and reduces droopiness in the upper eyelid.


Steps -

  • Place your index finger and middle finger on the outer corners of the eyes lifting the crow's feet region.
  • Now create a horizontal "V" from your index and middle fingers at the edge of your eyes and place your sight at a central focus point.
  • Squeeze your eyes while your fingers pull the crow's feet skin. Let the eye muscles move backwards, creating resistance. Now close your eyes and relax for 2 to 3 seconds. 
  • Open your eyes and try to squeeze, align your vision in the centre. Create a resistance again and release. Repeat 8 times. 


2. Air MovementAs our skin ages, it loses collagen and elastin - which gives the skin its elasticity and keeps it tight. Our body’s natural production of collagen decreases by 10% every year, after the age of 25.  ‘Air Movement’ is perfect for those who want to gain the elasticity of their cheeks back and are suffering from sagging or sunken cheeks. It also results in nasolabial line reduction.

Steps - 

  • Fill your mouth with aire (not fully - around 70-80% would suffice)
  • Now move the air from left to right inside the mouth without opening the lips rigorously.
  • Follow this to the count of 20
  • Now exhale through your mouth and relax for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.


3. Jaw Shaper - We tend to develop saggy skin underneath the chin a.k.a jowl as we age. Factors such as repetitive facial movements, stress and lifestyle changes further impacts it. ‘Jaw Shaper’ is ideal for an instant jaw lift, great for those who want immediate jaw definition and who want to tighten loose saggy skin.

Steps -

  • Start by placing your index finger & your middle finger on half of your chin to support any loose skin.
  • Now place the palm of your other hand perpendicular to your chin.
  • Start to swipe the jowl area till the base of your ear lobe.
  • After reaching the earlobe, twist and tuck lifting your elbow in the air. Do this for 20 reps. 
  • Then support the side you exercised with 2 fingers supporting half of your chin. Take the flat portion of your other palm perpendicular to jowl region
  • Start to massage with the same sculpt - tuck and lift motion 20 times on the other side.

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