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House of Beauty Face Lift Pro (Anti - Ageing)

Rs. 12,000.00

HOB Face Lift Pro is India's First  "Micro-Currenting" device. Our face has multiple small muscles that intern have muscle fibres, as we grow older our muscles become weak and thus our facial skin tends to sag. This device gives small electrical stimulations to the facial muscles to strengthen them and thus lift then non-invasively at home is less than 15 minutes. 

What you get? 

The Kit includes charging cable and activator Collagen Serum 30ml bottle. 


- Instantly tones, tightens and lifts the face. 

- Strengthens Facial muscles. 

- Elevates facial muscles, its the ultimate FaceYoga + Tech tool to have! 


How To use:- 

- Charge the tool for 24hours for the first time when using, then 2 hours of charging when running low on battery. 

- This product needs the activator collagen serum to be applied all over your face for it to send the electrical stimulations to your face. 

- First apply serum on half of your face, and start massaging slowly then move on to the other half of your face. 

- This tool sis absolutely non PAINFUL and has 5 levels to adjust the micro current on the face. 

- Always clean the silver balls of the roller with a damp cloth after use for no residue to be left over. 

- Repeat once every 3 days for maximum benefits.