All About Facial Paralysis: Top Celebrities Journey With Bell’s Palsy And Face Yoga Techniques To Counter It

Backed with the ordinary notion that celebrities are perfect we often overlook their problems, today we will be throwing light on one such common problem faced by many, which include our beloved stars as well. We are talking about Facial Paralysis, a nerve condition that prohibits proper movement of the facial muscles due to nerve damage. The said condition can lead to drooping of facial features, and restrict proper functioning of the facial such as blinking, eating, talking, gulping saliva and more. These can be caused due to various reasons like trauma, congenital condition, stroke or Bell’s Palsy. There are numerous celebrities who have come forward about their journey with Facial Paralysis in the past, especially Bell’s Palsy. The number of stars that come under this list are; Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Katie Holmes and Anupam Kher.

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With Justin Bieber’s most recent news of Facial Paralysis being the talk of the town we can finally bring forward the topic and add his name to the long list of popular celebrities who have been associated with this condition. Back in 2016, Angelina Jolie had shared her close struggle with Bell’s Palsy, and how she recovered completely with acupuncture. The famous American actor, George Clooney as well talked about his encounter with the disease during the age of 14 and his recovery after 9 months. Other actors too made the headlines various times due to the said condition and their experience with it, in which our beloved actor Anupam Kher also joined. The actor had suffered with the condition during the shoot of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun back in 1994. And while there are various ways the disease can be dealt with, the top most effective and non-invasive treatments would include acupuncture, face yoga, corrective exercises, facial tools and more.


In today’s new age where majority resorts to surgeries and quicker methods our recommendation would always be choosing the natural ways of treatment. Face yoga in the present day India is gaining immense popularity due to its more holistic approach and overall wellness and promises 60-70% recovery. With an amalgamation of corrective exercises, facial tools and acupressure techniques, face yoga is considered to promote holistic healing while addressing closely to human body issues.

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Let’s dive deeper and get familiar with a few of the exercises that can be kept in mind if you are suffering from Facial Paralysis.




Acupressure Techniques

Acupressure techniques have been performed for the longest times, catering to body-related issues and addressing specific needs. These are considered as an alternative medicine techniques for correction.

The Snake

The exercise is known as a feature-balancer that can help with droopy eyes and eyebrows. Simply stretch the center of your forehead with the opposite hand and look down in the opposite direction while sticking out your tongue. Make sure to repeat the exercise 3-5 times and concentrate on exhaling or the breath.

The Poser

The poser exercise is recommended to balance the facial features as well as the overall shoulder alignment. Start by keeping your hands above your head, creating a Namaste position, then look at either one side while sticking your tongue out and trying to subtlety touch the tip of your nose.  The exercise will help strengthen your overall alignment and correct the imbalance of the facial features.

Smiling Fish Face

A variation of the original fish face exercise, it helps strengthen the facial muscles. Start by making a fish face (pursed lips, sucking in cheeks look) for about 30-60 seconds.  And then making a smiling face while still holding the fish face, make sure the zygomatic facial muscles are lifted.

Dancing Eyebrow

The dancing eyebrow exercise is quite beneficial in correcting imbalanced or droopy eyebrows, where one eyebrow could be lower than the other. To do the exercise place both your elbows on a table, support half of your forehead by your hand. Take the index finger of the other hand while placing the middle finger on top of it and initiate a firm circular corrugator muscle massage present on top the eyebrow. Once your feel a subtle depression on the top of your eyebrow it would mean that you have reached the end of the muscle. Go back to the beginning and do the massage six times, now repeat the same exercise on the other eyebrow as well.

The Butterfly Squint

This is a great exercise to strengthen the extrinsic muscles of the eyes and diminish the droopiness of the upper lid. Start by placing the index finger and middle finger on the outer corners of your eyes, lifting your crow’s feel region, making sure that your elbows are in the air while performing.  Now, spread your fingers slightly apart at 45-degree angle, creating a ‘V’ at the edge of your eyes. Place your sight at a center focus point, squeezing your eyes while your fingers pull the crow’s feet skin. Finally, close your eyes and relax for a few seconds. Make sure to create resistance whenever you are doing the exercise and repeat for about 8 times.


Hopefully the article was able to give your some insight into Facial Paralysis, while the exercises and techniques can be considered beneficial for the said condition.

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