Benefits Of Face Yoga And Face Tools In Your Skincare Routine

Are you even a “material gworl” if you don’t invest in face yoga? As we all are cognizant of the wonders of Yoga for our body, it's the time we get familiar with the beauty gym for your face - Face Yoga. What are Face Tools used in Face yoga and what are its benefits? Why should it be included in your skincare routine? How much time it takes to show results? Let's tell you why it's worth your time and effort.


Benefits of using Face Yoga and Face Tools in Skincare Routine - Deepika Padukone using face tool on skin - Face tools for skin tightening - glowing skin

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A method backed up by Science and Ayurveda, an inexpensive and a non-invasive way to achieve anti-ageing, face yoga has changed the skincare game. It is a mix of a little bit of facial massage, facial exercises and acupuncture which fights skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, puffy eyes, dullness, loose skin, etc. It benefits the face the same way yoga benefits the body, by increasing oxygen supply and making the muscles firm and toned. It makes one look younger and improves the structural appearance of the face. Isn’t it truly the natural elixir of youth?


Benefits of using Face Yoga and Face Tools in daily skincare routine - Face yoga expert Vibhuti Arora - How to use face tools


Relaxing and Toning are the two ways in which face yoga helps achieve wrinkle-free skin by targeting the right muscles. Not only it de-stresses the working muscles, but also wakes up the sleeping muscles and helps in lifting the face up, giving it a more sculpted look. It also helps in boosting the collagen and giving the skin a radiant complexion. Face tools like Crystal Rollers, Gua sha and Sculptors further add to the benefits of face yoga. Each crystal like jade and rose-quartz have their benefits including an increase in blood circulation, de-puffing the eyes, treatment of dark circles and dullness, easing the tension, etc. Investing in face tools enhances and further adds to the benefits that face yoga provides, and is definitely a level up!




How to incorporate Face Yoga in your daily skincare routine? 

Benefits of using face yoga and face tools in daily skincare routine

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Botox and fillers are not the only way to go youthful again. Just spending 15-20 minutes a day practising face yoga can do wonders for the skin. Embracing the natural and treating the skincare issues naturally is the new way to live. Face yoga is the new way to the right skincare routine. We suggest you take a 21 day Face Yoga challenge and see the results yourself. 


Benefits of Face Yoga for skin - Before and After Face Yoga - How to use face tools - Face Yoga for glowing skin

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