Kansa Wand (For Face & Body 2 pieces)
Kansa Wand (For Face & Body 2 pieces)

Kansa Wand (For Face & Body 2 pieces)

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What is a Kansa wand massage?

Kansa (Metal) – Wand (Wooden handle) is the Indian alternative to Jade rollers for skin pH , dosha & chakra balancing. Kansa Metal head of the massager is an alloy made of Copper & Tin,  which helps in detoxifying face and body. It further reduces face/ body heat, known to assist in joint mobility and reduce eye strain.

Why House Of Beauty Kansa?

Well, as you know in House of Beauty, we do things differently. We apply the existing techniques and conduct our internal trials to better assess the design and usability. The House of Beauty Kansa Wand is especially for the “Face and body” and made to measure for a proper grip without adding any extra weight. The large head of Kansa can be used for your body massage whereas the small head can be used for your face. Kansa facial massage stimulates blood circulation, resulting in clearer, plumper, smoother skin. It comes with a Kumkumadi Telum, a 10 ml sampler which can be used for your face.

Our Kansa is made of 78% copper and 22% Tin.

How to Use?

  • Apply House of Beauty Kumkumadi Telum (Saffron oil) all over your face or the body part.
  • For Face- Start Massaging with firm strokes all over your forehead, under eyes, cheeks, jaw & neck.
  • Circle around your third eye for 60 seconds and then start your massage.
  • Perform circular, ziz-zag, cheek sculpting and upward face lifting strokes.
  • Body- use our Kansa for chest, palms, feet soles, calves using firm upwards strokes.
  • A Kansa Vatki massage on feet is to be performed every night before bed. With a firm grip,  rub both the soles one at a time for a total of 10 mins.
  • Kansa cleansing massage works for both men and women.
  • Remember to wash off the oil from your face before you sleep.
  • Total duration of massage for face 10 mins and feet 10 mins.

How to Clean

Wash with room temperature water and liquid soap, or clean with damp cloth.

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