BREAST TAPES: Perfect under New year deep neck dresses


Ever wondered what Kim Kardashian wears under that gorgeous dress that makes her cleavage look perfect? wel,l we are here to answer all your questions and give you some hacks that you can use too. 

We as women wear bras every day that basically helps us get the extra lift and also prevent our buddies from sagging. But at times it becomes a real hassle to wear bras especially when you have to wear that one special dress in your wardrobe, the one with a plunging neckline or the strapless one, as we constantly fear that ugly bra strap peeping out. And in the end, we just let that gorgeous dress sit in our wardrobe for years and years. 

If you have faced this situation then my love breast tapes are just what you are looking for. 

Yes, you heard it right!! Tapes for your breasts.


The House of Beauty Breast tape is a tape made from cotton and latex that keeps your breasts rash and irritation free. It comes with a strong adhesive-backed fabric strip that is strategically applied to the breasts for coverage and support. It conceals easily under all types of clothing, making it ideal for wearing under everything from wedding gowns to low-cut or backless tops and even swimsuits. Furthermore, because you apply the tape directly to your body, you won't have to worry about it fitting poorly or falling off if you move around a lot.


Breast tapes are ideal to use when you wish to wear a strapless dress, plunging neckline dress, low-cut top, backless dress, or silhouettes with a wide opening down the sternum as it helps in creating a lifted breast shape without visible bra lines.



When it comes to breast taping there are various techniques that you can use according to your comfort or the dress you aim to where. Here are a few ways you can use breast tapes:

1. Strapless 

When it comes to strapless dresses we are often worried about our straps showing, don't you worry about it when breast tapes are here. 

2. Backless 

Let's show that gorgeous back of yours without the hooks and , flaunt your outfit the way you desire. 

3. Plunging necklines 


Want to wear that elegant dress with confidence and comfort, try tapping up your breast this way.



While we have understood what breast tape is and when can it be used, let's now understand how can we apply it. 


Step 1. Prepare - Do a patch test 

Before using Booby Tape, we always recommend patch testing. To accomplish this, place a small piece of Booby Tape on the breast area without stretching it. Leave it on for 24 hours before slowly peeling it off. This is to ensure that you are not allergic or sensitive to the tape or adhesive. Stop using if irritation or redness occurs during or after patch testing. If you want to avoid this trouble we would recommend using The House of Beauty breast tapes, they are Made Of - Tape: 95% cotton, 5% spandex (latex-free) Adhesive: and 100% acrylic and are completely irritation and rash free. 

Step 2. Clean - clean the area where you wish to apply the tape. 

Use your tape only on clean, dry skin that is free of moisturizers and oils. Do not apply to irritated, sunburned, or sensitive skin.

Step 3. Cover - use nipple covers 

Nipple Covers and Breast Tapes are the ideal partners for each other! To protect your sensitive areas, we highly recommend using nipple covers before applying your Breast Tape. This will also make removing your Breast Tape far more comfortable.

Step 4. Cut-  Round the corners of your tape

Before applying the Breast Tape, cut the corners off each strip in a round shape. This allows your tape to sit firmly against your skin without catching on to your clothes while also helping it sit without any irritation. If the corners of your tape begin to lift, the rest of the strip may peel off.

Step 5. Stretch - your body part not the tape!

Place your breast in the desired position, then use Breast Tape to keep it in place. Breast Tape can stretch up to 170%, which is comparable to human skin, but you should only apply a very small amount of stretch to your tape. This is how you can achieve a rounded breast lift without flattening your breasts.

Step 6. Apply - the tape in the desired position 

Peel off and apply as instructed in the booklet or the back of the cover. Raise your breasts to the desired level. Begin applying the tape at the bottom or underneath your breast at night.

Stick to raising your breasts from the ground. Continue peeling off the back paper as you move upwards. Done!



Once you are done for the day and want to take off the breast tape follow these steps for smooth removal. 

Step 1. Peel- off the tape Slowly

The Breast tape will come off easily, but be gentle and careful while removing it don't be in a hurry and peel it off like a wax strip. Start by slowly peeling back the tape while supporting the skin behind the tape. That is, while one hand peels the tape away, the other hand firmly holds the skin behind the tape back.

Step 2. Oil- apply oil if it feels sticky

Apply Coconut oil on the areas where it feels sticky, leave it for the night, and wash it off while you take your morning shower, the stickiness will wear off. In case you feel irritation or see redness after taking off the tape, don't freak out. You can either apply oil or your favorite lotion and the irritation will be gone within a few minutes or a few hours.


Breast tapes come in various sizes from different brands but one must be extremely careful while selecting one for self. At the house of beauty, we offer breast tapes of different sizes and colors for you to choose from according to your skin color. These breast tapes are made of 95% cotton, 5% spandex (latex-free) Adhesive: and 100% acrylic, which ensures full coverage while preventing rashes and irritation. 

Here are some key benefits to enjoy with the House of Beauty Breast Tapes. 

  • Lifts heavy sagging breasts
  • Easy to wear, under the deep neck or backless dresses
  • Non-painful peel-off, long-lasting hold
  • Great for heavy (triple) DDD breasts too. 

So what's stopping you from flaunting that gorgeous body of yours?

Hope this blog was helpful!! And made it easier for you to understand all about breast tapes. 


Happy shopping 


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