Face Yoga Exercises for Nose

Exercises to reduce Nose size is the most asked question after Dark Circle reduction. Vibhuti Arora's House of Beauty & Face Yoga School in India are here to teach you face yoga exercises that can be included in your routine for overall facial toning, which may indirectly contribute to a more uplifted appearance around the nose:

1. The Bulldog Push by Vibhuti Arora:
- Nose Shortener, Place your index fingers on both sides of your nose.
- Smile widely while flaring your nostrils.
- Hold for a few seconds, feeling the muscles around your nose engage.
- Repeat several times.


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Check out Video here. 


2. The Nose Shaper - FaceYoga School India by House of Beauty 
- Use your index fingers to gently press down on the sides of your nose.
- While applying light pressure, flare your nostrils.
- Hold for a few seconds, then release.
- Repeat several times.

Face yoga for double chin and neck by vibhuti arora

3. The Nasal Depuffer Massage by FaceYogi:
- Use your thumbs to massage along the bridge of your nose, starting from the top and moving downward.
- Apply gentle pressure and make small circular motions.
- Continue for 1-2 minutes to promote blood circulation.

Follow our YouTube for Nose Depuffer video. 


House of beauty 3D face massager for Nose and Jaw shaping
also check out 3D face massager face tool for Nose shaping. 

4. The Smile Smoother:
- Smile widely, keeping your lips closed.
- While smiling, flare your nostrils and try to lift the tip of your nose toward your eyes.
- Hold for a few seconds, then release.
- Repeat several times.

5. The Lioness Face:
- Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue.
- Stretch your tongue downward while looking up.
- Hold this position for a few seconds to engage the muscles around your nose.
- Repeat a few times.

Read HT health shots exercises here. 

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Remember that consistency is key when practicing face yoga. Also, it's essential to perform these exercises with gentle movements and without causing any discomfort. If you are interested in a more personalized face yoga routine or guidance, you may consider reaching out to a certified face yoga instructor, like those associated with reputable face yoga schools, to tailor exercises based on your specific needs and goals.

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