FaceYoga + Ayurveda - The Powerful Duo | Benefits Of Kumkumadi For Glowing Skin

KUMKUMADI + Vitamin C - Pretty much the unimaginable! Ancient Indian beauty secrets combined with Modern Science,

House of Beauty at its best. 

Indian beauty recipes are one of the most important tips and tricks which gets passed on from generations to generations. This traditional beauty routine practice is an experiential form of heirloom and what makes it special is the bond shared between a mother and a daughter. Not only this, this beauty practice is also backed by scientific knowledge on uneven skin correction, keeping pigmentation in check and controlling acne.  

 Dry haldi powder in a container - House of Beauty's Kumkumadi cream

The Ayurvedic recipe of saffron, turmeric and other USDA herbs is still followed by all Indian women around the globe, even being internalised by other cultures. Starbucks “Golden Latte” which is basically Turmeric Milk is a prime example of rich Indian ingredients for skin and overall health benefits. 


The addition of modern science amalgamated with these ancient beauty secrets is a plus. This idea gave birth to the House Of Beauty’s Kumkumadi range including Kumkumadi Gel w/ Vit C & Turmeric for Oily to Combination skin, Kumkumadi ButterCream w/ Raspberry & Squalane for combination to dry skin and Kumkumadi Telum saffron oil (All skin types)


Kumkumadi gel cream with saffron, turmeric and vitamin C for bright and glowing skin by Face yoga expert Vibhuti Arora's House of Beauty


Remember applying Saffron and Turmeric mix in teenage years? The Kumkumadi gel cream is a blend of Kumkumadi (Saffron + Turmeric + 28 herbs) infused with Vitamin C & miraculous Niacinamide which is suitable for anyone looking for light moisturising on oily, acne prone skin. It features the goodness of the same old Saffron and Turmeric plus Niacinamide with its anti-blemish and anti-inflammatory attributes which helps to combat acne while leaving the skin plump & nourished. It is a boon for Indian skin and is formulated using acne reducing ingredients that assist in better sebum(oil) control. Infused with Vitamin C this 2 in 1 cream is your morning and evening daily use cream and results in a brighter and glowing skin.


Kumkumadi Butter Cream with Raspberry, Squalene and Vitamin E for Anti Ageing by Face Yoga expert Vibhuti Arora's House of Beauty


Do you support ethical beauty as well? Look no more to find your perfect moisturising cream made from all natural ingredients. The Kumkumadi butter cream comprises modern superfoods like Raspberry and Plant Squalane, (not to be confused with Squalene harvested from shark liver , yikes!). These ingredients combined with Ayurveda's tried and tested formulations of Vitamin E, Saffron, Lotus root and other herbs provides deep moisturisation to dull skin and helps you to control the first signs of ageing. This is completely Non- comedogenic and Hypoallergenic unlike other creams and will not clog your pores, instead would provide nourishment and love to your skin all day long.


Face Yoga expert Vibhuti Arora's House of Beauty Kansa Wand and Kumkumadi telum with saffron for chakra and dosha balancing and better blood circulation


Need an all-natural Ayurvedic nighttime routine for your sensitive skin? House of Beauty’s Kumkumadi telum is a perfect cleansing, heat reducing, pigmentation reducing night oil which brightens your skin and illuminates it from within. In the ancient text of Ashtanga Hrudaya, it is authorised as an essential beauty treatment for the face. Not just that, it is also beneficial in delaying your first signs of ageing, making it a perfect skincare product to be included in your nighttime skincare regime. For best results, use it along with the House of Beauty Kansa Wand which constitutes a Metal head (copper and tin) which helps in detoxifying face and body and a Wooden handle. It has a cooling effect and suppresses body heat, improves joint flexibility and is calming to the eyes.


These premium Indian substitutes to rollers and beauty products come with your trust in the authentic DIY ingredients.The Kumkumadi range is a perfect way to keep your skin healthy and moisturised, mixed with mom’s trusted age - old beauty secrets and the power of modern science. The best part?.. This revamped Indian beauty product range is made by the Indians for the Indians, keeping in mind our skin type and beauty traditions.


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