Healthy Skin 101: Tips On How To Balance Your Skin’s pH Levels

While we try to control and skillfully balance out every minuscule thing in our lives, we often leave out one of the most crucial one – skin’s pH levels. Yes, they are indeed super important if your end goal is to have a flawless healthy skin. Despite following a religious 6-step skincare regime or regularly applying hydrating serums on our faces, we have to dig a bit deeper to balance the skin’s pH levels.

tips on how to maintain skin's pH levels

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But the hundred dollar question still remains stand still – how balancing skin’s pH level can successfully contribute towards a healthy natural glow. Our skin’s pH level are directly connected to maintaining our skin’s barrier which in contrary if gets disturbed or creates an imbalance has the potential of causing moisture retention in skin and allowing for bacteria to settle in, further giving birth to acne, dry and hypersensitivity.

Without further ado let’s get into the various ways you can balance your skin’s pH levels and a few tips you can bookmark!

how to balance skin's pH levels for healthy skin

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Use Mild Cleansers

Using chemical face wash or cleansers can effectively strip down your skin’s pH level, further creating a more acidic nature and leading to skin barrier damage which in return will give way to acne and bacteria formation on the skin. Hence, it is recommended to use a gentle cleanser that isn’t too harsh on your skin.

Use Face Toners

Using a face toner is a great way to balance the skin’s pH levels and neutralize any extra alkalinity and acidity.  


Moisturizing your skin the right amount is truly crucial in maintaining and balancing skin’s pH level. Whether you have oil or dry skin, it is that one essential skincare step you absolutely can’t ignore. Using any cream or oil helps lock moisture in and promote a healthy glowing skin, whereas on the other hand a dry skin will only damage the natural skin barrier further giving way to acne formation.

Use Fragrance-Free Products

Incorporating highly fragrant products in your skincare regime will only contribute to the imbalance of skin’s pH levels, further sensitizing your face and leading to barrier damage as well. Therefore, we recommended only using fragrance-free products that are mild on your skin, no matter what your skin type may be.


Exfoliating once a week is also important in promoting a healthy skin texture and strengthening the skin barrier. A gentle exfoliate can help remove dead skin cells and built up from the skin and allow for a fresh skin layer to take place. This not only helps in balancing our skin’s pH levels but also increases product absorption.

Hopefully our blog was able to give you some insight into skin’s pH levels and how to balance it!    






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    This blog really help to get to know about the complete information regarding the skin care and balancing the pH level.
    I ue mostly natural and organic product from Forest Essentials to protect my skin and balance the levell

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