How To Do Oil Pulling : The Right Way For Body Cleansing

Let's show our oral-health(and overall health) some TLC!

What Is Oil Pulling : The Right Way To Do This For Body Cleansing

Dating back around 5000 years, oil pulling has been gaining its importance in today’s modern life giving a cut-throat competition to its contemporary - modern oral care. Containing toxins like SLS, Fluoride and Parabens, the oral-care arsenal we have today is detrimental to not just our oral health but to our overall health as well. Shifting to a world where Ayurveda is once again thriving, thanks to the Millennials and Gen Z recognising healthy living and the contributions of Yoga principles, diet and asanas, the word ‘cleansing’ is not just limited to our face, but to our bodies as well. No, when I say body cleansing I’m not promoting using the aromatic body washes with a lingering fragrance, but rather an internal cleansing of our body. Did you know that an average person is exposed to more than 700,000 toxic chemicals a day. Practising oil pulling is believed to cure more than thirty systemic diseases when practised regularly and as directed. So, let us further talk about its benefits and the right way to flush out those toxins.

Oil Pulling is one of the Ayurvedic body cleansing exercises which involves swishing your mouth with oil for 15-20 minutes for an overall detoxification. It cleanses the whole body by getting rid of toxins, bacteria and chemicals in the bloodstream and initiates its departure from the tongue. The fact that oral health and overall health is co-related, it becomes imperative to evacuate all those microorganisms dwelling inside our mouth & tooth cavities and keep it spick and span.


What Is Oil Pulling : The Right Way To Do This For Body Cleansing oil pulling for oral health - treats plaque tartar cavities


Let’s take a look at the steps to perform oil pulling the right way!

1. Take 1 tsp of any oil (coconut/sesame/olive/sunflower) - Step 1 is to select the oil suitable to your issue (and let’s be honest, the one which doesn’t make you nauseous in the beginning!). We recommend using coconut oil or olive oil just for 5 minutes for starters. With its antibacterial properties and easy availability, it shall give you a boost to move onto the next level and increase the time or use advanced oils.

Do you have sensitive gums and often fear flossing because of those gum bleeding issues? Try sesame oil for oil pulling. With its anti-inflammatory properties it doesn’t feel harsh on the gums and deals with swelling & bleeding gums.

Are you guilty of doing one of those tik tok challenge where your teeth turned out to be yellow? Try sunflower oil for oil pulling - highly beneficial for that plaque and tartar build-up.


2. Swish it around the mouth - start from 5 minutes everyday. Just like how rigorous brushing is harmful, do not squish the oil too hard and take it gently as per your pace. Afterall, every ayurvedic practice should be done with a calm and peaceful mindset.


3. DO NOT CONSUME THE OIL - the most important of them all. As the squished oil will be a culmination of all the harmful bacteria, be aware to spit it out.


4. Dispose it in a trash bag - Follow by rinsing the mouth with water.


What Is Oil Pulling : The Right Way To Do This For Body Cleansing - house of beauty india

So, let’s take the plunge into easy & effective oral-care sans all the side-effects, the OG way and pave our way towards better living. Until next time!

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