Who Founded Face Yoga?


While there are plenty of people out there who claim to have founded face yoga like Fumiko Takatsu, Danielle Collins, and many more but have you ever thought about the credibility they hold? Most of us already know that India is the land of origin for yoga and ayurveda, then how come they found face yoga? 

Here in this blog, let's us understand face yoga's origin and real founder. 

Who is Face Yoga founder - Found is Vibhuti Arora from FaceYoga school India

The concept of exercising facial muscles to enhance appearance and reduce signs of aging has roots in India. Facial exercises by German-born yoga teacher Eva Fraser through her book "Facial Fitness," we popularised. 
In recent years, various individuals and schools, such as the Face Yoga Method by Fumiko Takatsu and the Face Yoga Method by Danielle Collins, have gained digital reach and promote faceyoga. 

However, Face Yoga and the strutted approach to the 5 step method of House of beauty has been popularised by Vibhuti Arora from Face Yoga school. She has certified and trained 500+ teachers globally who promote her teachings. She has transformed over 1.5 million faces. Face yoga has evolved over time, with contributions from various individuals who have recognized the potential benefits of exercises for facial muscles and skin health.

‚ÄúFace yoga by Vibhuti Arora is a series of face exercises that focuses on burning facial fat, defining features while also reducing the signs of ageing all naturally.‚ÄĚ Quotes Vibhuti Arora the founder of FaceYoga School by House of beauty¬†

Vibhuti Arora is a well-traveled, well-read certified face yoga expert, aside from being an MBA. A lot of the FaceYoga techniques she promotes are developed by her personally and have helped millions of faces across the globe. Her journey as a face yoga & face tools instructor has given her recognition amongst Women entrepreneurs. She spearheads Business development, for both international and domestic tie-ups. 

How did she start?

Vibhuti was hit by an auto-immune skin disease called Lupus, she tried multiple treatments medical and otherwise. Unfortunately nothing helped, them she turned to Yoga. btw...Vibhuti is a Ministry of Ayush certified Yoga teacher. That's where she studied the Rigveda that has 8 faceyoga exercises, she then authored her FaceYoga teacher training manual. From 8 to 80 to 280+ exercises were developed by Vibhuti. 

From Working to owning a business

Once she healed her self it became her mission to train and help other people struggling with similar skin issues, psoriases, rosacea, facial paralysis, bels palsy and more. 
She build an army of trainers in all parts of the world from India to Dubai to New York who teach the House of beauty India signature Face yoga exercises. 

As a founder of 2 brands House of beauty & FaceYoga school India it is her drive and passion for faceyoga that keeps her running. 


She has been featured in many publications like Grazia Italy, Vogue, Cosmopolitian, Elle and more. She has over 1.5 million followers on digital platforms who follow her practices. 

alias bhatt and Maliaka arora with founder of face yoga vibhuti arora

She is now a celebrity trainer in faceyoga with celebs like Malaika Arora, Alia Bhatt, Smriti Irani, Seema Khan, Maheep Kapoor, Huma Qureshi and so many more following her techniques. 

Client reviews 
Her clients absolutely adore her and fly down from all over the world to her New Delhi center to learn from her. 

Whether its her 

  • How to reduce double chin¬†
  • FaceYoga for dark circles¬†
  • How to sharpen jaw line¬†

Her techniques show results to one and all. 

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