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House of Beauty Electric Rose Quartz

Rs. 3,600.00 Rs. 4,000.00

Combining the power of modernisation with the knowledge and experience of ancient healing stones of Rose Quartz to give your one of our very special FaceTools, The electric rose quartz lift and sculpt.

This massager has a rose quartz head that helps nourish and hydrate skin by increasing penetration of products 5 times more into the skin, and the electric base of the wand assists with 6000 micro-viberations per minute to give you a powerful, hydrating lift and contour. It can beautify your skin, with only using it for 2 - 3 minutes per day. The natural current which exists inside the body can be affected by pressure and ageing, which is the main cause for spots and loosed skin.

How to Use

  • Insert a AA Battery by opening the base cap in anti clock-wise direction. Please ensure the AA Battery is put with Positive at the top and the negative end inserted inside.
  • Screw the base cap back by rotating in clock- wise direction.
  • You can start by turning on the Rose Quartz Massager with a simple twist at the bottom of its handle towards ON Mode. 
  • The Massager can be used by itself or post applying a face oil or serum. With its sleek and slim design, it is great for use on the move or even at the workplace.
  • Massage along the areas of your skin that you want to improve such as under the eyes, along the T-bone, chin, cheeks, along your neck, and even for your hands.
  • Repeat daily for 3-5 minutes and see the amazing results.
  • Use on: Forehead, cheek, eyes, neck, clavicle.