Acupressure Points For Acne

Acupressure Points For Acne

Acupressure Points


Did you know that basic massages can boost your glow? Massage speeds up the circulation and allows blood to flow in an even manner. The fresh blood helps you get a healthy flush. The idea behind acupressure massages is that our bodies have energy pathways called meridians and their blockage makes us face all sorts of problems. These problems constitute digestive problems, pain, stress, and much more. By applying a significant amount of pressure on these meridians, we can get the energy flowing properly again.

Let’s be real, these pressure points can sometimes be very sensitive and pressing on them might make you scream with pain but when it’s all over, you will be singing happy tunes. So, let’s say goodbye to blocked blood streams and say hello to a healthy lifestyle. While there is no conclusive evidence as to if this massage is useful for acne or not, some people still believe that this practice can help soothe acne and increase lymphatic drainage. For these massages, use your index fingers to apply pressure on specific points for 30-60 seconds every 2 days and you’re good to have healthy and glowing skin!

Though there are a lot of points that can help you get free from acne, you do not have to massage all of these points at once. Massaging one or two of them is equally effective. Let us have a look at the different meridians that can be massaged to get acne-free skin.

1.Heavenly Pillar

Heavenly Pillar

The heavenly pillar acupressure point for hormonal acne is located two fingers’ width below the base of the skull and half an inch outward from both sides of the spine. It is known to release stress and anxiety which is known to cause acne in the long run. It also reduces exhaustion, insomnia, burnout, eye strain and much more.

2. Sea of Vitality

Sea of Vitality

Acupressure Points For Acne

This point is situated between the second and third lumbar vertebrae in the lower back. You can find it easily by putting 4 fingers away from the spine at waist level. This point is extremely sensitive and pressing it hard when you have fractured or broken bones can lead to severe injury. If you have a weak back, please apply light touches to the back instead of massaging with force. It also helps relieve eczema and bruises and of course, acne.

3. Third Eye Point

Third Eye Point

You will find this point directly between your eyebrows in the point where the bridge of your nose meets the centre of your forehead. Pressing this point stimulates the pituitary gland which in turn enhances the condition of the skin across the body.

4. Four Whites

Four Whites

This point is located one finger width down the eye socket in line with the centre of the iris. It is the acupressure point known to remedy facial blemishes and stubborn acne.

 5. Facial Beauty

Acupressure Points For Acne

This point is located at the bottom of the cheekbone, immediately below the pupil. It helps fight against stubborn blemishes, reduces cane and helps fix sagging cheeks. It also helps with facial blood circulation.

6. Three Mile Point

Three Mile Point

You will find this point about 4 fingers width below the knee toward the outer circle of the shinbone. It strengthens the muscles and helps in even circulation of blood which is necessary for reduction of hormonal acne.

7. Heavenly Appearance

Heavenly Appearance

This is in the indentation directly below the ear lobe and just down the jawbone. It helps balance the thyroid gland in turn increasing the brightness and glow of the skin.

8. Wind Screen

Wind Screen

This acupressure point for pimples is situated behind the ear lobe near the indentation. It balances the thyroid gland and increases the lustre of the skin. It also relieves hives.

In case of any serious illnesses, please consult your doctor before practicing any of these massages. Please keep yourself hydrated to allow lymphatic drainage and for best results.

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