Aerial Yoga- What it is, aerial yoga v/s traditional yoga, benefits

Aerial Yoga

Are you tired of the same, redundant yoga routine on the floor? Shake things up and take your yoga practice to the air with aerial yoga! This unique and interesting form of yoga combines traditional yoga poses with the support of a yoga hammock suspended from above to create a fun and challenging workout. It offers a wide variety of benefits beyond the traditional yoga form. It improves your flexibility, balance, and core strength as you flow through aerial yoga postures. The aerial yoga hammock adds an extra element of instability which engages your stabiliser muscles and deepens your stretches.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga isn’t just a physical workout but also a mental and emotional one. When you hang from the yoga hammock, you feel a sense of weightlessness which can also help you let go of stress and tension. You will also get a fresh perspective on your own body as you move in the air with a newly found sense of weightlessness and freedom. So, get your hammock and get ready to fly as with aerial yoga, the sky's the limit!

Aerial yoga v/s Traditional Yoga

Aerial yoga is somewhat similar to traditional yoga and both of them have their respective benefits, but aerial yoga could be a better option for people with joint problems. Aerial yoga helps you get deeper into the postures using a silk yoga hammock as a prop so that you can access the points in the body which are harder to reach otherwise. The aerial yoga hammock allows for deeper stretches and greater flexibility. The ability to hang upside down can have a lot of benefits on the body and the mind. It also provides support to people who have physical limitations due to injuries or disabilities. Traditional yoga also offers many benefits, including improved strength, flexibility, balance and much more. Aerial yoga is a better option because you feel a sense of weightlessness that can be relaxing to the body and mind. Despite the common assumption that aerial yoga is much more challenging, investing in this practice can lead to better movement and flexibility.

Benefits of aerial yoga

aerial yoga v/s traditional yoga
  1. Great for people with back pain

Aerial yoga is great for people with back problems as the hammock provides support without putting strain on your joints. It also does not strain the spine. You will be able to workout without any discomfort.

      2. Controlled Breathing

Aerial yoga helps you to breathe deeply and in a better way because your body gets relaxed while performing it. You will be able to relax well when hanging in the air. In the long run, you will also be able to improve your lung capacity.

  1. Improves Flexibility

Aerial yoga helps you stretch your muscles and tendons. You get more space to move when you are suspended in the air. Because of this freedom to move, you improve your flexibility and get to perform more poses that you can do on the floor.

  1. Stress Relief

Aerial yoga helps put your mind to ease and it is especially helpful for people with anxiety. You will be able to meditate and focus on positive thoughts as you are put to ease when in air. It also helps in focusing so your balance gets better and your blood flow rate gets balanced. Being inverted also helps send oxygen to your brain to function properly.

  1. Burns Calories

Aerial yoga helps you burn calories through the prolonged balance it takes for you to control yourself in the silk hammock. Aerial yoga helps you burn at least 320 calories every 50-minute session. Your risk of cardiovascular disease also becomes significantly lower.

  1. Increased strength

Aerial yoga is a full-body workout that requires you to use your core, arms, and legs to hold and balance yourself in various postures. You’ll notice increased strength and flexibility as you continue with your aerial yoga sessions.

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