Face yoga a natural Facelift?

Face Yoga Facelift

Yoga has existed for¬†thousands of years and has been ever-evolving. This is due to yoga's adaptability‚ÄĒpeople from diverse backgrounds can practice it and reap its advantages.¬†

These days many people are looking for natural, cost-effective solutions to improve their appearance and sense of well-being as part of their continual quest to age gracefully and radiate inner serenity. This is where face yoga comes into play, many people claim that it also acts as a natural facelift, well let's find out the truth.  Here in this blog, we will be understanding the various aspects of face yoga, the benefits, does it actually work, and much more in-depth so read along.

What is face yoga? 

Face Yoga Facelift

When you hear ‚ÄúFace Yoga‚ÄĚ what is the first thing you imagine? Probably different Asanas!! Well, what if I say it's not exactly like that but still similar?¬†

We all live in a world where we want clear skin that enhances our personality, that makes us feel positive about ourselves when we enter a room or just stroll around in public. Many beauty brands tend to circle their brand advertisements claiming that their products will make you feel more confident, enhance your appearance, and whatnot. The question that comes in at this point is how true is it. Will just putting on makeup make you feel like that? Well, the answer varies from person to person it may or may not! 

While makeup focus on hiding your blemishes or fine lines and wrinkles, Face Yoga focuses on a natural way to reduce them while enhancing your true beauty. Just like our body, our face also needs to exercise for better circulation of body fluids. Face yoga is a series of exercises that helps you get that glowing skin while reducing the effects of stress lines.

How does it work? 

 Face Yoga Facelift work

Our face has 57+ muscles and sadly we don't focus on them apart from when we are eating, or yelling or smiling occasionally but is that good enough? The answer is a big NO. 

We need to focus on these muscles too, when one massages, lifts, tightens and exercises these muscles they become plump, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face as the circulation of blood increases and helps the skin to be better nourished. 

Why face yoga? 

Face Yoga

Face yoga is a great and natural way to get rid of facial fat, wrinkles, and lines without any Botox. It can also be often called a natural facelift. 

There are various advantages or benefits of face yoga we have listed a few of them:

  • It releases tension to reduce the visibility of stress lines.
  • Strengthens and tones your face while widening your eyes, lifting your cheeks, and firming up your jawline.
  • Boosts blood flow and circulation and will make your skin glow.
  • Smoothens out scars on the skin.
  • Helps with headaches¬†
  • Clears sinus naturally¬†
  • Helps you sleep better

Where do I learn face yoga? 

ÔĽŅFace Yoga

While many people out there claim to teach face yoga, what is the credibility they hold? Have they even certified in yoga? 

Just like any other exercise technique, one must be extremely careful while practicing face yoga because if not done correctly then it might have adverse effects on you. 

We at House of Beauty have various workshops where you can learn face yoga from a certified instructor and also become one yourself by joining our Face yoga teacher training course. These classes include short meditations and affirmations that are interwoven with facial exercises, breathing exercises, sound work, acupressure, light massage treatments and so much more. 

You can join these classes at your ease be it online or offline, as an individual or in a group it's all up to you. 

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Just one thing you before we sum up as rightly said

‚ÄúTo me, beauty is natural beauty. If you‚Äôre naturally yourself, you‚Äôre beautiful.‚ÄĚ

Young M.A.


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