All About Face Scrubbing: Getting Familiar With Its Major Benefits

If you just like us have ever had the impromptu urge to vanish away all the grime and dirt off your face or for the least tried to force out those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads then this article is a must-read for you. While double cleansing is a major step to abide by when it comes to cleaning, our true hero is thorough exfoliation and scrubbing. We obviously won’t suggest this step to be added to your daily routine but it surely deserves a separate spot in your weekend beauty session with besties. Now before we jump into the pros of facial scrubbing let’s break a few myths surrounding it.

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Myths About Face Scrubbing:

Face scrubs can damage skin

While it makes clear sense that large granules present in a face scrub can be a tad bit harsh on your skin, there is no backing to how it can damage your skin unless you are fervently scrubbing with all your might. To prevent further addition to the problem, keep away from any scrubs that are infused with harsh fragrances.


You can easily remove blackheads

Wish it was that easy, uff! We all have been there when just a night before a special event we can clearly see the black dots resting on our noses, and yes, they don’t look pretty at all. So in order to get rid of these blackheads, we resort to our most googled hack — face scrubbing. But unfortunately, that’s not the solution, these stubborn blackheads don’t go away with a single scrubbing session, and rather require a more vigorous routine like using salicylic acid weekly, double cleansing on a daily basis, and weekly exfoliation.


Scrubs can help get rid of acne

This one’s a big no! The trick of abrasive scrubbing won’t really work here. While blackheads still can be dealt with more strongly, acne and pimples require a gentler approach. Dealing with these comedones can be tricky at times and in order of trying to get rid of them, our harsh step might leave a prominent acne scar on our skin, which we of course don’t wish to embrace. 


A tingling sensation means thorough cleansing 

Here’s a common misconception that needs to be attended to. Quite often a tingling sensation can be felt after facial scrubbing this doesn’t translate to thorough cleansing at all. This can mean a strong fragrance or any natural chemical like menthol could be infused into the scrub which could act as an irritant to sensitive skin types. So, the best solution would be to stay away from certain scrubs that do not suit your skin type and could be of possible harm.


Finally, let’s jump into the major benefits of face scrubbing and shower you with all the reasons why it should be added to your skincare regime pronto! 

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Reduces acne breakouts 

Scrubbing is always a great method of balancing the excess sebum and oil production on our face. Open pores with excess sebum production can act as a dirt magnet, making it further necessary to indulge in a good exfoliation weekly. And if we can curb the problem from scratch itself, then there ends the chance of any possible acne breakout at all. 


Improves skin texture 

While a fancy salon session is never a bad idea, we surely can minimize our rounds to it. So here we are letting you on a secret today, you don’t always have to spend big bucks to get a natural glow or witness glistening smooth skin texture, a gentle face scrubbing session can be your beauty saviour here. 


Increases blood circulation

This one goes without saying that facial scrubbing done in circular gentle motions is bound to increase the blood circulation of the face, further opening gates to a healthier, radiant-looking face. 


Exfoliates dead skin cells 

Weekly exfoliating is actually one of the major steps in a skincare regime that aids in promoting clean, acne-free skin. A gently scrubbing can help push away all the dead skin cells, grime, and dirt that have been settled on the top layer of our skin and allow for more fresh skin to take place.  


Fades away acne scars 

This point of ours correlates to our above points; exfoliation can help in removing mild acne scars by encouraging resurfacing of the skin. 


Permits for better absorption of skincare products 

When the top layer of our skin that is filled with innumerable dead skin cells and dirt gets a thorough clean up by exfoliation and facial scrubbing it becomes quite obvious that the new surfaced skin layer will allow for better absorption of other products like toner, serum, and creams, therefore opening gates to flawless skin.


Prevents ageing 

Touching back on the same reason, exfoliation is a great way to boost the skin’s regeneration ability, which is considered a pivotal point in repairing damaged skin. This is directly related to signs of premature ageing, therefore making it quite an important step in our skincare routine if we wish for youthful-looking skin. 


So if you are still stuck in a dilemma about whether face scrubbing is crucial enough to be added to your skincare regime, give this article another read to convince you enough! 

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