Ban The Tan - Tips & Tricks For Effective Tan Removal : Get Rid of Tan Lines FAST

Gorgeous gorgeous girls apply Sunscreen/Sunblock on the weekdays and treat their skin with Tan Removal remedies on the weekends.

How to get rid of Suntan - Tanning on Indian skin - DIY suntan recipes


We LOVE basking in the sun, but dealing with its consequences is the tricky part. With excess sun exposure, our skin starts to tan and form uneven dark patches. Thus, tan removal becomes an essential part of our weekly skin cleansing beauty routine. As tan lines are just preferred to be"shown-off" during our vacays, let’s introduce you to some effective tips & tricks for an easy and efficient tan removal after your summer break this season!


1. DIY scrubs & masks for Exfoliation -


de-tan mask at home for glowing skin - house of beauty detan mask


How can we not include de-tan DIYs when talking about tan removal? Sipping over iced-teas and applying DIY scrubs and masks are the perfect start to a Sunday. The best part? There’s no perfect recipe for a DIY scrub/mask. The best mix of ingredients for this Sunday Morning Ritual :

  • Fuller’s Earth a.k.a Multani Mitti has a number of healing properties and is your go-to skincare ingredient to get an even-toned skin. It gets rid of impurities and dead skin cells and is your most economical yet effective way to treat tanning. How to Use - Mix it with Rose water to make a paste and apply it until it gets dry and then dampen it using some water followed by washing your face.
  • Gram flour a.k.a Besan with its lightening and brightening properties exfoliates the skin and makes it look healthy and youthful. How to Use - Add milk/curd to make a paste and apply it as a mask for 15 minutes or use as a scrub by massaging it in circular motion and then gently scrubbing it off.  Use it along with a pinch of turmeric to reap out the most of this miraculous face pack.
  • Tomato being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants is your holy grail to help you get rid of suntan and sunburn, all at once while fighting pollution too. How to Use - Mix tomato pulp with a dash of honey and apply it all over and let it dry for 15 minutes, then wash it off with water. 
  • Curd helps effectively in making your skin look even-toned by treating hyperpigmentation and helps you achieve a cooling effect. How to Use - For added benefits, mix it with some honey and keep it on for 15 minutes followed by washing with lukewarm water.
  • Aloe Vera aids sunburn and is a super ingredient to rely on to get rid of your suntan. Not that it just treats it, but provides a protective shield against sun damage. How to Use - Apply this versatile plant gel on your face overnight then wash it off with water. It acts as a great moisturiser too and can be used daily.




2. Chemical Peels


Chemical peel for tan removal - Benefits of chemical peels to get rid of sun tan 

Our skin is composed of different layers. Suntan affects the outermost layer of the skin i.e., Epidermis thus causing hyperpigmentation. Chemical Peeling is a process which exfoliates the skin and rejuvenates the dead skin cells, stimulating the collagen production. Thus it makes your skin tan-free and glowing. The best types of chemical peels to reduce signs of photo-ageing are :

  • Azelaic Acid
  • Glycolic peel
  • Lactic peel

Different chemical peels have different concentrations and strengths and thus it is recommended to consult your doctor before choosing the peel that suits your skin. Be cautious of applying a broad spectrum sunscreen after the chemical peel as your skin becomes even more sensitive to the Sun’s UVA/UVB rays during the healing process.



3. Laser Toning


Sun tan removal tips at home - cosmetic procedures - laser toning for hyperpigmentation  

Laser Toning is a quick method you can resort to, to get rid of your suntan. The beam of laser having a specific wavelength breaks down the pigment from the dark spots/patches. It caters to the hyperpigmentation on the skin and removes the dead skin cells, revealing the even skin beneath. 

4. Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion for skin tanning - how to get rid of sun tan


Microdermabrasion is another invasive technique to bid adieu to your tan lines. The stroke of little beads on the applicator aims at exfoliating the skin and removing the sun-damaged layers, making the skin look bright and even-toned. A visible result can be seen in 4-6 sessions of this treatment.


5. Hydration is key!


Girl applying cream on skin - tan removal - hydrating the skin


Love your skin? Moisturising it and keeping it hydrated is your way to skin appreciation. It is not just beneficial in keeping your skin cells healthy and even-toned, but keeps it smooth and plumpy. Cheers to youthful skin!




Looking for an effective DE-TAN MASK? We've got you! House of Beauty’s De-Tan mask comes with the with the goodness of Fuller’s Earth, Kaolin Clay, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid and Vitamin E, it suppresses the melanin activity and thus gives visible results in removing suntan. So this Summer keep your sun-shield handy, apply lots of sunscreen and keep your skin happy :)


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