All You Need To Know About Face Yoga

Skin that is young, fresh, and shining is regarded the holy grail of beauty, regardless of age. Makeup and beauty firms, as well as beauty gurus and dermatologists, are always giving us products and procedures to keep our skin looking youthful and gorgeous. What we must keep in mind in our search for youthful skin is that a lot depends on what's beneath the surface! Diet and exercise have a significant impact on our appearance. It's necessary to exercise the 57++ muscles of our face in the same way that we exercise our body muscles to keep fit and toned. When massaged & lifted the appropriate way, each of these muscles reduces drooping, enhances blood flow to the face, enhancing absorption of any creams or oils we use, and nourishing and toning our face. The appropriate facial yoga poses assist to prevent wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Benefits of face yoga?

The benefits of facial yoga may extend beyond the surface. It's preferred as a natural face lift that also improves your general health, and the advantages are numerous. Face yoga improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles by lifting and firming the muscles beneath the skin. Massage helps to enhance circulation, lymphatic drainage, and tension release. Acupressure techniques improve circulation and decrease tension, which can help avoid headaches, clear sinuses, and improve sleep quality.

Vibhuti Arora recommends five exercises to get an ageless, youthful appearance, which are the finest non-invasive alternatives to costly cosmetic operations.

Air Push Ups

This exercise works by stimulating your face's zygomatic muscles, which elevate the sagging corners of your lips. Begin by taking a deep breath and filling your mouth with air. Then, from one side to the other, press and move the air towards the inside walls of your cheek. As you do so, you will notice that your face begins to warm up. This is due to the fact that blood is rushing towards your face. Repeat the exercise for a total of 20 times.

Face yoga for glowing skinFace yoga for glowing skin

Brow Lift

This HOB trademark exercise is a terrific way to calm your mind, elevate your forehead muscles, and encourage lymphatic drainage of fluid trapped between these muscles. It targets droopy brows, 11 lines, brow lines, and other issues. Start by rubbing some facial oil between your index and middle fingers. Begin lifting your brows upwards from one end to the other, making your way (inward) to the other. Move on to the opposite brow once you've reached the third eye. Rep this exercise ten times more.

Face Yoga for Vibhuti Arora

Cheek Burpees

The nasolabial folds, mouth, cheeks, droopy lips, and droopy eyes all are benefitted from this exercise. To begin, take a deep breath in and out from the side of your lips, pushing the air upwards towards your eyes. Every time you breathe, move your cheek muscles. Make an attempt to glance up while doing so. On each side, repeat the exercise 20 times.

Faceyoga by Vibhuti Arora

Face Lift with Hands

Warming the oil to activate its components is the first step in this one-minute HOB signature step. Apply the oil to your entire face, from your jaw to your cheeks to your forehead. Apply upward pressure to your face from the heel of your palm, upwards from the jaw line, upwards from the cheek muscles, and upwards from behind the eyes to stretch your face. Repeat this process three times more.

Face yoga for pimples and marks

Cheek Whipping

The cheek whipping exercise is ideal to lift your cheekbones, jowls, and to give way to a defined jawline.

Take the index and middle finger of your right hand and begin lifting your facial muscle from the corner of your lip to the ear lobe—first to the count of 20 and then to the count of 10. Now, count till 10 while you begin lifting from the apples of your cheeks to the top of your ear. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds on each side.

Pro Tip: Since this is an intense face cardio exercise, it mustn't be performed more than 3 times a week. 

Yoga for face skin tightening

What to expect from face yoga?

Similar to other exercises, you must do face yoga consistently to see results. It's just like going to the gym. "If you practice more exercises and spend more time with your face, then you'll see quicker, faster, and better results." 

The amount of time it takes to see lasting results from face yoga varies from person to person, but to expect to see initial results after six to ten weeks of 15 to 20 minute daily sessions.

Wearing SPF, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep can help results appear sooner.

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