As you age, your collagen production slows down. Retinol, when applied, works to boost collagen production in your skin. But for many people incorporating Retinol into their skincare routine is similar to finding the last piece of the puzzle. Though it is a derived form of Vitamin A, topical application on the skin can cause some irritation. Retinol is ‘The’ solution to the anti-aging problem but a more nature-based Revinage is also gaining popularity due to its non-irritable component. Let us learn through the benefits and side effects of the anti-aging ingredients.

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What is Retinol?

Retinol is a type of retinoid derived from Vitamin A that is also a type of retinoid. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promotes the production of collagen to help your skin look younger for a long period of time.

Retinol Anti Aging cream


Revinage: The Better

Plant-Based Alternative of Retinol

Revinage is a plant-based extract acting like synthetic retinoids. It is found in Bidens Pilosa that is commonly known as blackjack. The effective plant-based extract regulates cell proliferation and differentiation for cell rejuvenation.

Cosmetic companies are leaning towards Revinage instead of Retinol due to some side effects that are visible. Nonetheless, retinol stays the gold standard for anti-aging and in normal scenarios it does not cause any problem.



Skin dries out or peels.

Does not make the skin dry.

Causes skin irritation or reddening.

Soothes the skin.

Leads to acne breakouts. 

Sebum production is reduced.

Weakens the skin barrier.  

Safeguards the skin's barrier.

Deemed unsafe for pregnant women.

Safe to use during pregnancy.

 Melasma may be aggravated.  

Reduces the production of melanin.

Takes up to 6 weeks to show results.

Shows results in 28 days.

Use only at night.            

Revinage can be used both during the day and at night.


Incorporating Growth Factor in Retinol and Revinage

Growth Factor is the pro-healing protein that can be added to retinol to curb its side effects like breakout, irritation, and redness. Growth factor is a gentle solution for sensitive skin as it works on the outermost layer of the epidermis. As the protein is derived from human cells and it promotes massive turnover of cells. Not only it pair well with anti-aging products, but it also goes really well with vitamin C, essential for skin nourishment,

Retinol Or Revinage

Retinol is not for everyone as it contains strong antioxidants. Whereas Revinage being a plant-based extract, is safe for everyone and every skin type to use. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Retinol is effective but it does not work for everyone.

Benefits of Retinol



Improves the appearance of dull skin.

Brightens and evens skin tone.

Offers anti-ageing benefits. 

Reduces signs of ageing without causing irritation.

Treats hyperpigmentation.   

Reduces hyperpigmentation while maintaining the skin's barrier.

Antioxidant properties that help protect from skin damage.

Powerful antioxidant that reduces free radical production while increasing SOD and CAT production.

Benefits of Retinol

To summarise, Revinage contains all of the benefits of Retinol. As a result, you don't have to include a product that scares you in your skincare routine. Choose a natural alternative that mimics and provides many more benefits with no side effects.

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