Skincare Mixology : Derma Suggests Skincare Do's and Dont's For Your Skin Type

Skincare mix and match - skincare mixology - how to mix skincare products for different skin type - dermatologist suggests skincare products mix and match - skincare texture closeup


Attention to self-care and skincare being of the few pros of the COVID -19 pandemic has kept the youth hooked with every hot skincare ingredient in the market while the benefits of certain ingredients pertaining to specific skin concerns are on their fingertips. In a world where information about literally everything can be attained with a click of the mouse and the pandemic hit generation are cognizant of every nook and cranny of the world wide web, it gets easier for the people (especially Millenials & Gen Z) to know about different formulations used in their favourite skincare products. Gen Z’s tendency to explore further opens a door to experimentation with different skincare ingredients unlocking their inner alchemist. This is where mixing of different ingredients and ‘skincare mixology’ gained its popularity. In this article, we are spilling the best skincare ingredient combinations for you to try along with the expert opinion of Dr. Aanchal, Dermatologist & Skin Educator at Dermafollix Skin & Hair transplant clinic, Surat.


Skincare mix and match - skincare mixology - how to mix skincare products for different skin type - dermatologist suggests skincare products mix and match

Overlooking factors like the skin type and how certain active ingredients in two different skincare products can cause a negative reaction which can further exacerbate the skin’s pH level is one of the common causes of negative effects of skincare mixology. “Knowing about your skin type - normal/dry/oily/combination/sensitive and addressing the top 2 concerns or two things you want to change helps in narrowing down the ingredients so the skin care regime will be more focussed and less crowded.” states Dr. Aanchal. 

“The pH of the products and the conduction of the underlying skin dictates the combinations. Few people may be able to tolerate irritating combinations without problem but we do not recommend them. The pH of skin care products are on an acidic side. So mixing two acids together can lead to superficial burns and redness.” she opines. Apart from this, she has mentioned some mix of ingredients to steer clear from:

Retinol with AHA or BHA, instead use them on alternate nights

Vitamin C with AHA BHA, it reduces the effectiveness of Vitamin C 

Retinol and Benzoyl peroxide, causes too much irritation 


Skincare serums by House of beauty India - How to mix and match skincare ingredients - skincare mixology - dermatologists suggest right mix of skincare products for all skin types


The best skincare ingredient combinations are those which work in synergy and tackle the underlying issues, without being too harsh on the skin or promoting skin irritation or redness. The rule of thumb is to choose a combination of ingredients which keeps the pH level of the skin balanced, which when mixed together increases their efficiency without dehydrating the skin or leading to skin burn or scarring. Dr. Aanchal further suggests some skincare ingredient combinations to include in a tailored skincare routine:
Vitamin C and Sunscreen  --> good for sun protection
Retinol and Peptides --> good for anti ageing 
Retinol and Hyaluronic acid  --> reduces irritation of retinol and also plumps up skin 
Kojic acid and Glycolic acid --> good combination for dark spots
Want to alter your skincare routine and don’t know where to begin? We’ve spent some time tailoring some list of products with cordial active ingredients which combats your skin concern as well:



MILIA SERUM + FACE SCRUB W/ KOJIC ACID & GREEN TEA EXTRACT - Weekly dark spots/hyperpigmentation removal regime

HYALURONIC SERUM + HYDRAOXY GEL CREAM - Everyday routine to boost skin hydration

ANTI PIMPLE WIPES W/ 2% SALICYLIC ACID & CICA + HYDRABRIGHT FACE WASH - Morning pre-skincare ritual for acne prone sensitive skin



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