What Is Neurocosmetics : 'Skin-Brain’ Connection & How To Achieve Its Advantages

What Is Neurocosmetics : 'Skin-Brain’ Connection & How To Achieve Its Advantages

Skin is an extension of our internal body, what happens internally is seen on the outside, when our Nervous system, parasympathetic system, Digestive system & Respiratory system work in tandem to the perfect balancing of bodily function, our skin automatically is rested, moist, calm, clearer and healthy. The use of smell to calm the nervous system (control stress) and foster a 'Skin-Brain connection' thus it hydrates, nourishes and reduces the skin stress - a step closer to natural glow or skin healing.

"House of Beauty provides Holistic solutions to our physical and emotional issues using correlation and connection of the emotions ( Hormones + Nervous System), brain functions (in relation to stress and cortisol levels) and its direct effect on skin (skin health) & over all skin issues. " states Vibhuti Arora, co-founder at House of Beauty India.

Modern research has now coined this correlation of Mind & Body to Skin and skin’s reactions and adaptations via plant actives, sensory points and overall use of olfactory healing as Neurocosmetics. As a brief overview to explain via a simple example - we use smell to calm the nervous system (control stress) thus hydrate, nourish and reduce skin stress and a step close to skin healing or glow. 

Certain plant active substances can affect a person's mood when they come into contact with dermal nerve endings. We at HOB use this via our stress reducing oil, or Arabian rose oil (naturally fragrant) in our skincare line to assist in relaxation, mood calming and skin healing. 

Want a scientific logic behind this 'Brain-Skin' connection?

What Is Neurocosmetics : 'Skin-Brain’ Connection & How To Achieve Its Advantages

The connection between brain and skin (what we term neurocosmetics ) is not new, we have been working on it, around it via Ayurvedic techniques, face yoga sensory alignment techniques or PH balancing techniques.Infact even when we use facial acupressure techniques we work on the same cutaneous nervous system, for neurostimulation such that when we now apply a cream or serum or mask with certain key plant actives we can calm acne, inflammation or even heal acne pits internally via our own body’s self healing capability to make these external ingredients work in our favour now. 

But, does it actually work?

Don't you blush when adrenaline is gushing every time you see a person of love interest, or break out when you are stressed or overworked?
When you look and feel healthy you are happy, you release serotonin, this makes you feel confident  & acts as a bridge between the skin and the neuroendocrine system which concludes how 
feeling good is proportional to looking good.  

What Is Neurocosmetics : 'Skin-Brain’ Connection & How To Achieve Its Advantages

In Fact when we perform Face Yoga Nidra or Third eye point calming & relaxing techniques to relax the nervous system, we have seen these sets of clients actually show positive results to collagen boosting, or other skincare routines. 

Easy follow-up steps:

The link between beauty and happiness, and the science of Neurocosmetics is effectively promising. Aromatherapy or the "treatment utilising scents" is one such example. The body is cared for holistically using fragrant botanical oils like rose, lemon, lavender, and peppermint. The essential oils can either be immediately inhaled or diffused to perfume an entire space and are used to energise the entire body, treat skin problems, relieve stress and weariness, and relieve pain.

What Is Neurocosmetics : 'Skin-Brain’ Connection & How To Achieve Its Advantages - aroma therapy - essential oil diffuser at home - calms the nervous system

Burn a diffuser, meditate, smell a flower, hug a loved one you may have heard these basic instructions, but start using them practically in combination to skincare that is Neurocosmetics positive ( or loaded with ingredients ).

"At House of Beauty, we have our Multivitamin Night Nourish Cream, our newly launched Natural Hair Perfume, Brown Spot Corrector Serum, Stress Relief Oil included in the Mind Relaxing Kit, all loaded to help your body work positively towards better skin.", Vibhuti opines.

Before wrapping up, Vibhuti Arora gives us some quick pointers for day-to-day to reap the positive effects:

• Using fragrant botanical oils in skincare
• Aromatherapy / scents-induced treatments
• Surrounding yourself with positive energies
• Doing things you LOVE!

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