7 Colour Photon LED Mask (Professional)
7 Colour Photon LED Mask (Professional)
7 Colour Photon LED Mask (Professional)
7 Colour Photon LED Mask (Professional)
7 Colour Photon LED Mask (Professional)

7 Colour Photon LED Mask (Professional)

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This is a 7 Color LED Photon Light Therapy Treatment for Whitening, Anti-aging, Acne Spots, Scar Removal,  Smooth skin,  Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Skin Tightening Facials. 

Benefit of Each light:- 

  • Red (620- 630 nm)- One of the most powerful colours to increase blood circulation. Stimulate skin cells to produce collagen to achieve firm and smooth texture. Great for fine lines and large pores.
  • Blue (465- 470 nm)- Excellent for acne reduction, drying and achieving clear skin. The blue lights kills the bacteria Porphyrins.
  • Green (515- 525 nm)- Balances and heals pigmentation, nurtures ageing skin, heals acne scars and speeds up healing of wounds.
  • Yellow (565- 590 nm)- Improves microcirculation, adjusts factors, and inhibits melanin production in order to fade dark spots, freckles, improves oxygenation into skin and helps you glow.
  • Purple (400- 420 nm)- Combination of Red and Blue light delivers 2 phototherapy effects. Relaxes and improves lymph metabolism
  • Clear Blue Light (500- 520 nm)- Helps in inflammation skin mitigation, enhance cell energy and improves skin metabolism.
  • White Laser Light- Relaxing, activate your skin's natural renewal system to reverse the effects of aging at the same time restoring a younger and healthier skin.

How to use?
1. Wash your face before the treatment.
2. Press the "Power " button to switch the LED mask on.
3. Press "Start/Stop" to start the treatment.
4. Set the time by pressing the "Time" buttons". To set the mode, press the "Color" button. To Adjust the intensity, press the "Energy" buttons.

What's more?
Is there any scientific proof of LED Light Therapy?
LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of Universities, Medical Labs and most importantly NASA. Actually, there have been over 2000 reports and documents written on this technology.

Who should use?

Anyone who Is looking at a luxury selfcare investment into your skin. Great for doctors, salon owners, spa owners.

Can I share this mask?

Yes you can clean this with HOB cleaning spray and share.

Does LED Light Therapy cause any pain?
No, it does not caused any pain at all. Actually, it has a very smoothing and calming effect. Helps you relax.

Can I use skin care products with my LED Mask?
Yes, you can. In fact, your Light Therapy results will be better enhanced if you use high quality skin care like HOB collagen or hyaluronic serum for glow and anti ageing benefits. You can use Tea Tree toner and Tea Tree and Avocado oil when trying to dry acne when using this mask.

Do I need eye protection?
The design of this mask does not cover the eye area. Therefore, it is not needed to put on eye protections while performing treatments. However, prevent direct looking  into the LED and close your eyes during the treatment are suggested. It will help you relax better too.


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