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House of Beauty India Dry Brush for cellulite

Rs. 1,099.00


What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is a self-care routine, to be done before you shower on dry skin to help boost blood circulation of the body, increase lymph flow, reduce cellulite and remove dead skin cells.  It’s a 4-5 minutes daily morning ritual that can in the long term also help in better immune functionality. High quality wooden bath brush for dry brushing. It has 100% natural bristles

Brush Length:- 10 inches 

Design Benefits:- Special Angle positioning to reach all face corners, back, dark elbows, under arm knee spots. 



  • Helps is removal of dead skin cells from arm, legs, ankles, elbows, back.
  • Assists in improved lymph and blood circulation of the entire body.
  • Helps you reach tough body parts like butt, back and back of your joints.
  • Reduces hair ingrowth. If done regularly or before hair removal.
  • Assists is cellulite reduction from thighs, stomach and butt.


How to use?


  • Must be used on dry skin before your shower.
  • Start with your face then body.
  • Start from your feet upwards, move from knee to thigh in a upward direction.
  • For stomach, butt and chest, use the dry brush in semi circles or whole circles.
  • Use in a upward motion on the length of your back and arms.
  • Use medium to firm strokes, daily. Preferably in the morning.
  • Take a shower after dry brushing immediately, hydration is key!
  • You must use a Body oil or Body cream post shower, on damp skin.
  • Be Regular - You're not going to see any difference unless you are diligent