Prakriti & Vikriti Analysis

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Prakriti & Vikriti Analysis

Ayurveda is the "science of life" rooted 5000 years ago in Indian vedas "Ayu" means life and "Veda" means knowledge. We at House of Beauty & Face Yoga School India are elated to introduce these traditional Indian methods of holistic healing via our certification courses. 

Our course shall be taught by our resident Ayurvedic doctor who has over 20 years of experience in the field of Ayurvedic practice and teaching. 

    Who is it for? 

    • For those looking for self knowledge or awareness.¬†
    • For those looking to start a career in Ayurveda.¬†
    • For those looking at advancement of skills.¬†
    • Incase you want to work at an Ayurvedic doctors clinic.¬†
    • You want to get certification home remedial therapies.¬†
    • Work at a spa as a consultant or manager.¬†
    • Start your own practice.¬†

    Aim of Ayurveda 

    • Preventive - To maintain good health holistically longterm.¬†
    • Curative ¬†- To assist in alternative healing therapy for skin, hair and other intrinsic issues.¬†


    These courses are available for anyone who is 12th pass in any field.  

    Note: Please note after this course you shall be able to massage, analyse and consult clients but not prescribe any ingestible drugs. 


    Course Details

    Prakriti & Vikriti Analysis (10 days) - The course encapsulates a detailed analysis of the Prakriti(the basic body constitution) & Vikriti(the shifting bodily energies) based on which we can judge our bodies and suggest countering it by balancing the Doshas through diet, lifestyle choices and medication.You can learn in your own time via pre-recorded session videos and sit for an exam on our app. 

    Topics covered :

    • Factors that define Prakriti (constitution)
    • Symptoms of every Prakriti - Vata, Pitta and Kapha
    • Analysis of Prakriti
    • Vikriti analysis (the disease process)

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