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House Of Beauty India Marma Points
House Of Beauty India Marma Points
House Of Beauty India Marma Points

Marma Points in Ayurveda/Acupressure Points

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Marma Points in Ayurveda/Acupressure Points

In Ayurveda, Marma is considered to be a point of Yogi healing. They are the vital points of our body which contain ‘Prana’ or life energy. The human body is considered to have 108 marma points out of which 107 are present in the human body which controls the body energy and vitality - also controls the 7 chakras of the human body. The 108th marma point is the soul.

अभ्यङ्गं आचरेत नित्यं, सजराश्रमवातह

दृष्टि प्रसाद पुष्टि आयु: सुस्वप्न सुत्वक् दार्ढ्यक़ृत्

शिर: श्रवणपादेषु तं विशेषन शीलयेत

वर्ज्योअभ्यंग: कफग्रस्थकृतसंशुद्धिअजिर्णिभि

“Massage should be done daily, morning. It delays ageing, relieves tiredness and excess of Vata (aches and pains). It improves vision, nourishes body tissues, prolongs age, induces good sleep and improves skin tone and complexion. Massage should be specially done on ears, head and legs.”


Who is it for? 

  • For those looking for self knowledge or awareness. 
  • For those looking to start a career in Ayurveda. 
  • For those looking at advancement of skills. 
  • Incase you want to work at an Ayurvedic doctors clinic. 
  • You want to get certification home remedial therapies. 
  • Work at a spa as a consultant or manager. 
  • Start your own practice. 


"Getting to know the Marma points, to navigate them and pressing the right Marma point is the most holistic and intrinsic way to treat any Dosha imbalance"

- Faceyogi Vibhuti Arora

 Benefits of the Ayurvedic Marma/Acupressure point press-

  1. It clears the 7 chakras and flows of energy through them and thus acts as a preventative measure to get rid of diseases.
  2. Helps to balance the doshas by removing the toxins from the body.
  3. It increases the body metabolism and helps in better digestion, increases activity level of the body and relaxes the mind.
  4. All types of joint pains, body aches, headaches, migraine can be kept under control if the marmas are healthy.
  5. Helps to improve the quality of the skin and hair.
  6. Helps to treat Insomnia and anxiety issues.
  7. Beneficial in anger management.
  8. Management of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, acne, falling of hair, etc.
  9. Detoxifies the body
  10. Helps in controlling the entire mind-body complex.

 Aim of Ayurveda 

  • Preventive - To maintain good health holistically longterm. 
  • Curative  - To assist in alternative healing therapy for skin, hair and other intrinsic issues. 


These courses are available for anyone who is 12th pass in any field.  

Note: Please note after this course you shall be able to massage, analyse and consult clients but not prescribe any ingestible drugs. 

Learn about the traditional Indian 108 mama points, and the correct technique to press and formulas to treat.

Course Details

This course includes the location and the purpose of Marma therapy. Stimulation of these Marma/acupressure points affects everything from the health of the organs and treating various internal and external diseases.You can learn in your own time via pre-recorded session videos and sit for an exam on our app. 

Topics covered:

  • Constitution of marma points
  • Benefits of Marma
  • Marma points in Ayurveda for healing
  • Introduction to Marma Therapy
  • How to do a Marma Therapy
  • Benefits of Marma Therapy
  • Marma formulas for modern issues
  • Marma in a Rogi & Nirogi sharir

Course Duration- E-learning via prerecorded videos. 

Tools used - Kansa wand & Gold Collagen Roller

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