The Facial Tools Experts Love!

From relaxing jade rollers to acne-boosting LED masks, these facial tools are must-haves and expert-approved!

With busier lives than ever, it can be difficult to make regular visits to a dermatologist. But that doesn’t mean that your skin should suffer, and luckily, you can combat most skin concerns in the comfort of your own home. The secret? Facial tools! While applying the correct products is important, using tools can help you take your routine to the next level. Here’s a list of some of the best facial tools for you—trust them to give you a radiant complexion in no time. 


  • Jade roller
  • Looking for the best jade roller in India? If you are ready to take de-puffing to the next level, reach for a jade roller. A jade roller is easy to use and 100 percent safe. Another plus point is that the jade roller is one of the most effective facial tools at relieving stress. Just roll it upwards and outwards over your favourite serum or face oil to experience its benefits and relax. 

    What are the benefits of this facial tool?

    • Improves blood circulation
    • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
    • Cools and soothes skin
    • Reduces dark circles
    • Prevents fine lines and wrinkles
    • Improves skin elasticity

    What do experts have to say: A jade roller is a facial tool loved by most skincare junkies. It promotes blood circulation, improves absorption of skincare products, and reduces puffiness. Bianca Louzado, celebrity and bridal makeup artist, advises to use refrigerated jade roller. “A cool jade roller not only feels relaxing on the face but is also more effective”.

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    How to ensure authenticity of a jade roller: Look for fair-trade, genuine jade. You can often tell if jade is real by the colour and fragility. Authentic jade is either a dark green or light green colour. There are two types of jade, nephrite and jadeite, and they have different patterns within the stone. Look for either a natural swirl-like pattern or black dots throughout. Many companies swap real jade for fake marble, which won’t have the same benefits for the skin. Authentic jade will easily break if dropped, while faux marble won’t. Remember, fake materials can cause harm and irritation to the skin, so do your research to ensure you are getting authentic jade.

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  • Gua Sha
  • We can’t get enough of this pretty, little best facial tool. It’s one of the safest and easiest facial tools to use. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha stone is used to scrape along the face and body to relieve muscle tension, boost circulation, and reduce inflammation. It helps drain the lymph nodes, reducing puffy eyes and a bloated face. 

    What are the benefits of this facial tool?

    • Firms and sculps the skin
    • Smoothens fine lines
    • Lifts and contours the face
    • Delays signs of ageing
    • Aids lymphatic drainage
    • Increases skin elasticity
    • Reduces dark circles and puffy eyes

    What do experts have to say: Anu Kausik, a Delhi-based celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist, loves using a gua sha on her face. She tells us that, “Gua sha’s precise angles work on (face) contours perfectly. Every morning, I start my day with a gua sha massage. I love it as I see the lifting effect immediately and it has also helped me with pigmentation”.

    Product to try: House of Beauty’s Rose Quartz Gua Sha

    How to ensure authenticity of a gua sha: Similar to a jade roller, gua sha’s are typically made of 100% natural jade stone so follow the same rules for choosing a gua sha to ensure you are getting an authentic tool. 

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  • Microcurrent facial devices
  • Microcurrent facials introduce a low-grade electrical current to face muscles with the help of a small device. We know it sounds scary but it’s just like a gym workout. The current makes your muscles contract and helps to lift and sculpt the face. If you want to lift your eyebrows, define cheekbones, tighten and firm skin, or promote collagen production, you should definitely add microcurrent devices to your skincare routine. According to an article published in Life Science Journal, microcurrent devices worked wonders on facial wrinkles, especially in the forehead region.

    What are the benefits of this facial tool?

    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Provides instant results
    • Provides your face with a natural lift
    • Promotes collagen production
    • Pain-free 
    • Strengthens facial muscles

    What do experts have to say: “Microcurrents are one of the best facial tools because you get an instant tightening effect as they tone facial muscles. It’s easy to use and can be done at home. People with any skin type can use these devices”, explains Dr Kiran Sethi

    Product to try: House of Beauty's Face Lift Pro 

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  • LED Mask
  • LED Masks are one of the best facial tools to get maximum results and treat skin concerns. Top celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Chrissy Teigen, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Madonna have posted selfies flaunting this futuristic facial tool. The coolest thing about these masks is that the benefits depend on the colour of the light you choose. 

    What are the benefits of each light?

  • Red (620- 630 nm): This is one of the most powerful colours. Red light helps increase blood circulation and stimulates skin cells to produce more collagen. It is also effective for fine lines and large pores, and is best suited for people who want a smoother, firmer appearance.
  • Blue (465 - 470 nm): Blue light is excellent for acne reduction and achieving clear skin.
  • Green (515 - 525 nm): Green balances and heals pigmentation, nurtures ageing skin, heals acne scars, and speeds up the healing of wounds. 
  • Yellow (565 - 590 nm): This light improves microcirculation and inhibits melanin production, which reduces dark spots and freckles. It’s also the best light to achieve a healthy glow!
  • Purple (400 - 420 nm): A combination of red and blue light delivers two phototherapy effects. It relaxes and improves lymph metabolism.
  • Clear Blue Light (500- 520 nm): It reduces inflammation, enhances cell energy, and improves skin metabolism.
  • White Laser Light: White light activates your skin's natural renewal system to reverse the effects of ageing. 

    Product to try: House of Beauty’s 7 Colour Photon LED Mask 

  • Ice roller
  • Are you struggling with tired and puffy skin? This is the best ice roller for you! This face massage tool uses the same principle as icing your face but takes it a step further. Ice rollers are a great way to reap the benefits of cold therapy in the comfort of your home. Use your ice roller and roll it in a zig-zag motion up and down your face and then from left to right. You can also use it on your neck and chest.

    What are the benefits of this facial tool?

    • Reduces inflammation and redness
    • Soothes and calms irritated skin
    • Reduces puffiness under the eyes
    • Defines cheekbones
    • Restores radiance

    What do experts have to say: Bianca Louzado tells us that she loves using facial tools on her brides, specifically ice rollers. “It helps constrict pores and ensures that the makeup lasts longer. Ice rollers are also great for lymphatic drainage. So you can expect the puffiness from a night of dancing disappears like a miracle.” Vibhuti Arora, founder of House of Beauty, explains why an ice roller is a brilliant tool to add to your skincare. “It is my favourite summer tool because after a long day, it provides an instant face muscle relaxing massage, and soothes away any redness, heat, or inflammation on the skin.”

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